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I am looking over the budget that me and my df made for when we get married and join checking accounts. So far, it is in balance with $1.38 leftover each month. We do have some expenses that aren't included and I'm not sure what to change as the expenses aren't reoccuring expenses. One is school books and the other is school tuition. Df is attending college and his employer will pay for up to $7,000 in tuition per year. All he pays for is extra costs and books. So far, books have been pretty reasonable, but there is no way to estimate costs. For his current 2 classes, he is renting his books at a cost of $50. He will have to return them when the class is over.

I did cancel my weight watchers membership since I have not been using it ($18/month). But, I did have to increase my fuel costs by $25/month. I did an average over 7 months and I've used $115/month average.

We also are allowing each person to have $100/month spending money for whatever we want. This will include eating out alone (like for lunch), nails, clothes, purses, shoes, games, snacks, pop, vacations, and basically anything else that's personal to the person or extra (not necessary for living). Will be deposited into a separate checking account. I need to open another checking account for this money. Kind of like his money, her money and our money.

We are not planning on starting to use the budget until November. We are getting married Sept 23rd and then go on a honeymoon for a week. That will give us a month to open a new checking account for our spending money, get automatic payments and deposits moved over and then tweak our budget. It has been hard to follow a budget lately due to all the extra wedding expenses. I am ready to start following our new budget.
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