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Buggy or cart

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I was in the grocery store with a friend the other day and she had a good laugh at me for calling the "object" you put your groceries in at the store a buggy. :D :D

What do you call it....
Buggy or a cart.

I have found that most people from the south call it a buggy.
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Most often buggy, but have also called it a cart or basket.
Buggy....and I'm from NY...go figure!!!!!!!!:toothy:
Basket or buggy here:)
Just to be different, in australia we call them "trolleys".
shoppincart (all one word - since I am a hick);)

or cart
Originally posted by frugalmel
shoppincart (all one word - since I am a hick);)

or cart
I have frequently called it a shoppincart as well.  :toothy:



I thought I was the only one. I was born and raised in CT we call them carriages also. Not until my dh joined the military and we have moved all over have I heard the other terms.

Just like bags. We call bags, bags. When we were stationed in Colorado they call them sacks. Go figure
Wagon. ds began calling them that in Hawaii, and it has stuck!
Here in Oz they're called trolleys! :laugh:
cart :smball:
21 - 35 of 35 Posts
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