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bunny distractions/play things/activities

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I have two sweet bunnies - a mama bunny who is 3.5 and her daughter, Snooper, who is a year. Well, I'm fairly new to bunny ownership - only been 10 months, except for when I had them as a child - so I'm still trying to learn stuff.

Previously I had carpeting in my basement, and when I'd let the buns out of their pen, the carpeting seemed to make the buns want to dig. They'd dig at the corners or where the carpet met the wall. The carpet was really old and bad, so I had it removed and put down vinyl flooring. The digging has stopped, but Snooper is now nibbling at my baseboards - not on the boards, but on the quarter rounds I just had put down to finish the look where the vinyl met the baseboards. I'm thinking maybe the wood smells fresh and she's smelling it and so it's attracting her.

Anyway, I'd like for them to have some stuff that interests them when they come out of the pen to keep them from nibbling on the baseboards. I put down an old carpet and a blanket - Snooper sometimes likes to arrange blankets - but that didn't keep their interest long. In their pen they have a large cardboard box which they both (but Snooper especially) love to dig at. They have a cardboard tube which they love to go through, another smaller box they like to climb on. They've got a log to chew on and they get plenty of hay. I don't have the problem as much with Sparkles, the older one and the rabbit society told me the older ones are more calmed down - the younger ones are more like puppies.

I'm thinking maybe I should put a box with some sticks in the corner - so when they come out, they know they could go in there and chew on sticks. Maybe getting something they can climb on - Snooper loves to climb - chairs, stools, shelves - anywhere she can get, but sometimes I don't want her climbing where she decides to climb.

Any bunny owners have some tips? I have been using the water bottle whenever they chew on something and I've been using citrus spray and bitter apple - but my basement is huge and I can spray that all the time - it doesn't last long either.
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Yes, bunnies and carpet, not a great mix! Unless you're a bunny and it's the best thing in the land. All of my buns have been really different so it's just trial and error. One of ours liked a car scratching post, she could jump onto the platform and scratch at the stringy post bit.

Digging boxes are usually popular, either a deep tray or a cardboard box full of something, my current ones like it full of shredded paper and hay. Yes they make a mess but it's easy and inexpensive to clear up and replace.

If you use paper towels they make good toys, especially stuffed with hay. I have lots of levels in our pen now as this pair are jumpers and climbers. In terms of things like blankets and other toys I've found variety is the spice of life. After a couple of days they seem to ignore things, so I either replace them with something else or just move the item to another place. If they think it's new then it's more attractive to them, bunnies are generally very nosey.

My buns don't really like the smell of tea tree, but as you've noticed once they get used to something, or know something's coming they're not so bothered. It's just trial and error, I spend lots of time trying to make their area of the lounge more interesting than the stairs, wallpaper, carpet and furniture. And if you do have any cables in their room I recommend using a hose to protect them, just make a slit with a sharp knife and push the cables inside. Touch wood I have never had a bun chew through one (but they have chewed through phones, chargers, lamps, stereos etc etc etc)

Good luck!
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