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Calling all Gardeners, help me save my cucumbers!!!!

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Help, I am a first time gardener and I have little green worms eating my cucumbers. What do I do? I have been spraying with organic stuff but it doesnt seam to be helping.
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O.K., caterpillars are yucky!

If you want to do organic, use Neem Oil or dust with Bacillus Thurengensis dust or spray. The BT only kills caterpillars. It goes under several names, but the most common is Thuricide. It's available everywhere. Sevin is pretty mild, and does a really good job.

If you have cucumbers worms IN your cucumbers, this is common. You will see a place where they bored in. Just soak the cucumbers in water, and the worms will come out. The cucumbers are still edible, although you may have to trim out the parts where the worms ate. Sounds yucky, but it's a very common thing, and not worth throwing out all your cukes.
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