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I figured it out.

First I made my basic 1 loaf white bread recipes that I also use for rolls and cinnamon rolls.

I let it rise, punched and 2 minute knead, and then I took 7 balls and made twists out of it. let it rise 20 minutes and baked it.

I made honey, butter, cornsyrup and when they were done topped them.

Now, the good, the bad and the ugly--all fixable.

One--they turned out beautiful lol long fluffy browned twists--a tad to BIG for what I wanted.

Second, the sauce is perfect but if you pour it over the top the bottom 1/4 inch of bread gets a little soggy.

So I decided that I am going to make my dough again, cut it with my donut cutter, twist it once or twice to fix the size problem from before. rise, bake and then I will pour the syrup on top of them on a wire rack in a glass pyrex for crisper bottoms.

I will post the recipe once I get it all worked out and tweaked.

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