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I thought will a lot of you all camping this summer, it wouldn't hurt to go over fire safety with yourselves and your children.
Safe camping everyone! :)

Campfire Safety

No family camping trip would be complete without a crackling campfire. To make that experience as safe as possible, review these wildfire prevention tips, provided by the USDA Forest Service.

~ If smoking is permitted outdoors, safe practice requires a 3-foot clearing around the smoker.
~ Don't park your vehicle on dry grass.
~ If off-road vehicle is allowed, internal combustion equipment requires a spark arrester.
~ Know your county's outdoor burning regulations. Unlawful trash burning is a punishable offense.
~ At the first sign of a wildfire, leave area immediately by established trails or roads. Contact a ranger as soon as possible. If escape route is blocked, go to the nearest lake or stream.
~ Leave campsite as natural as possible, traveling on trails and other durable surfaces.
~ Inspect your site upon leaving.
~ Never take burning sticks out of a fire.
~ Never take any type of fireworks on public lands.
~ Keep stoves, lanterns and heaters away from combustibles.
~ Store flammable liquid containers in a safe place.
~ Never use stoves, lanterns and heaters inside a tent.


Taken from Scotsman Community Publications, Finger Lakes Vacationer 2003.

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Thanks Dee !!!!!!!!:D
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