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I make big batches of them a couple times a year and dehydrate them, storing them in glass canning jars vacuum-sealed shut with a FoodSaver. I use freshly-milled durum wheat for the flour, and also make spelt noodles (from freshly-milled spelt).

How to: Spread noodles in a thin layer over trays and dry at 145°F until crisp, stirring occasionally. Noodles will normally dry in 4-6 hours - depending on how thick and wide you cut them.

I get the best results by being careful to cut them the same width and thickness. They will dry better if they are the same. I also use pasteurized powdered egg yolks (or pasteurized dried whole eggs) in the recipe to prevent the potential for salmonella from fresh shell eggs. That's also the reason for the 145°F temperature for dehydrating. It's strongly suggested that you use commercially pasteurized dried egg or pasteurized egg substitutes (i.e. Egg Beaters) for food safety reasons when dehydrating egg noodles.
please share your recipe. I already have the eggs also and would love more ideas on how to use them. TIA
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