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Can i panic now..... my moms coming to visit .. Ahhh

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I just realized next Thursday my mom will be here for Easter... and 2 Thursdays after that is my Due Date

OMG!! Time is just going by so fast!!!

It doesn't even feel like its been a week since we went and got Joe's mom.

I guess cause i have been so darn busy i hardly noticed... i worked 48 hrs last week and and 52 hours this week... from now on by Dr's note i am on only 8 hr shifts and no more then 40 hrs a week... a compromise from taking off 2 weeks before my due date.. my dr goes but if anything and i mean anything medical happens your off work... YEs Sir... Joe isn't 100% happy with it, but he knows i am anxious about our finances while i am off for maternity leave expecially since i do not want to go 2 weeks late and then only have 2 weeks with the baby... that just wouldn't work.

Anywho my house is a wreck... the baby room isn't done.. our room is a MESS and a half since we crammed things in there so we could get room in the front room for Joe's mom... i need to start on putting baked goods in the freezer now that i have a working oven... ACK Think i can roll back the clock about Ohhh a month hehehe.
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I agree no need to panic every thing will work out congrat`s on the baby
Bless your heart ,here`s hoeing every thing work`s just like you want it to.
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