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Can some of you read this for me and give me feedback?

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Ok, so I ended up making a card for my inlaws and here is what I wrote inside, just let me know if it sounds okay before I send it off ;)

"We were so surprised to hear that you fixed up the car for us. We were speechless! Now that the car is fixed, I feel safe driving Ayla places during the day. So now we can go to different, bigger parks :) Plus we don't have to just stay cooped up in the house anymore.
The car drives so nice now! I just can't say "Thank You" enough. You guys do so many great things for us. I feel so blessed to belong to a caring sweet family :)"

I could add more or just redo the whole card :p What do you guys thing, be honest! Lol, re reading it the first part sounds kind of cheesy maybe? :eek:

I plan on getting something like a little box of chocolates to mail with this or?? Maybe have ayla draw on paper and then cut it out in shapes of eggs to send as her art work to them...I have those bubble mailers I can send it all in so it needs to be somewhat small...
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I agree with Robin, it sounds great! I also agree (we Grams all think alike, LOL) that they would love something drawn by Ayla.
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