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I canned 10 quarts of tart cherries this year and my rack for the waterbath canner turned black! It didn't get that much lighter in color when I washed it with warm soapy water when I did the canner also.
Anyone know how to get the color turned back from black?
Will the black color ruin anything else I can using it like that?
I want to make some apple pie jam now that apples are coming in season but don't want to waste the time and effort ( not to mention the ingredients) if this will some how ruin the batch.
Thanks in advance

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cherries are very acidic but don't worry it happens all the time and it wont hurt future canning my water bath canning racks are black and ive used them for years and some i bought at yard sales all black and have never hurt my canning :) keep canning makes me smile when i see someone canning like i do all the time
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