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Not sure if this belongs in hobbies or gardening, but they are pretty much useless for anything but looking at, so I am leaning toward this category. :)

Anyone else into meat-eating foliage? I got into it in 2018 and am really enjoying it, even though they are a bit temperamental. The Venus Fly Traps are easy going, as are the Sarracenia, but the cobra lilies and Cephalotus are super sensitive, and I am always having to fuss with them to keep them cool and moist. The pinguicula need to stay inside, because they don't like direct sun or heat. It is like running a daycare with a bunch of kids with peanut allergies.

Current inventory includes:

VFT's (various)
Sarracenias (various)
Cobra lilies
Cephalotus (various, although some argue there is no such thing)
Genlisea (various)
Pinguiculas (various)
Drosera (various)
Nepenthes (various)
Brocchinia reducta
Aldrovanda (maybe - haven't checked the pond recently to see if they are still out there!)
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