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As some of you read in my thread on the subject, I was successful, yesterday morning, in finally catching a wounded feral cat that has been hanging out at my property since November of last year. I don't know when she got hurt, but I noticed her limping about a month ago, and I have been trying to trap her ever since.

So yesterday morning, I didn't have much hope when I walked downstairs to check the trap...but there she was!!! Poor thing was probably in there since the night before! We got to the vet yesterday morning, and they determined: a) she has a broken leg; b) she is a feral who was spayed and released at some point in her life; and c) she is less than five years old (something about her teeth).

She is currently living in an extra-large dog crate that I bought some time ago, when Riley got bitten by a rattlesnake and needed some constant attention, and she is remarkably calm. She just sits and watches me when I have to reach in to clean out her litter box, change her food/water, etc.

She has to stay in the crate for the next two weeks, to give her leg (now splinted) time to heal, after which she has to go in for another check-up and then probably stay in the crate yet another two weeks, to completely recover.

Good news is, no antibiotics or pills!!

Today, she was very calm and just kept an eye on me. She even napped a bit when I was in the room. She didn't eat much, but did finish off about 1/3 can of catfood. I am not sure how long she'll tolerate being stuck in a crate, but at least today went well!


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