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Channeling My Inner-Greebo

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I was reflecting over 2010 and the financial transactions. We're still a CC-free-zone, the lights are still on and I can miss a months worth of meals and not make a dent in my self-insulation :lol:

All in all, it was a good year.

It could have been better... that is what 2011 is for!

I was talking to the little Greebo that sits on my shoulder swinging a wet noodle as I pay my bills and update the Quicken...

"pay more... pay more... you're skipping steps... why are you running through to BS3 when the cars aren't paid for yet?"

I still have the BEF fully funded and I was 1/3 way through BS3...

:nerv2: I transferred $1500 from the other account to put towards the car payment. I checked the balance, as of right now, I owe $2771 on it, at a gagging 13.45% interest!

February's payment is due the end of the month. I usually send in $400 (272 normal with extra for principal) SOOOOOOOOOOO... if my math is right, it will be paid for with the April's installment.

After that... on to the next car note!
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Everyone should have a little Greebo in their life!

Congratulations, that's a big scary thing to do and it is well worth it in the end. :)
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I was scared after I transferred it to the other account... PETRIFIED after I sent it to Chase.

I know it's the 'right' thing to do and the physical part of it was easy, but the mental aspect can be a bugger.

I do feel better now. I'll feel better when I can send in the last payment on the OTHER car and be totally debt free!

(and, I think a little Greebo is all I can handle in my life, I am too much of a chicken for more! :lol: )
What? He didn't tell you to sell the cars instead? Silly Shoulder-Greebo.

Sell the cars, drive a beater, that's my mantra now even though some days I do miss my CRV, there's not a day yet that I miss the payment.

Hang in there! You are much closer to the end than I am.
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Great job, Lady V!! :clap:

BTW, just had to mention, that over the years here I've noticed that you have such a way with words! You would be great doing a column in a magazine or newspaper, or a blog, or something fun with your talent. :thumb:

Oops! Just noticed you ARE doing a blog! :D
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Krbs - he knows I won't sell the cars and we need the warranty coverage until we can beef up the EF more.

FF - thank you, and I do have a blog. I haven't been as active as I would like to be, especially lately, but I do what I can (my blog)
I just sent in ANOTHER $920... I will have this car paid off... FRIDAY?!?!?!?!?

Contract date 08/31/2006

Maturity date 08/30/2012

18 months early :cheer4:
Wow!!! Reach around and pat yourself on the deserve it.
Everyone should have a little Greebo in their life!
I serioulsy just shot water out of my nose!:lolpoint:
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