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Hi, I have just joined this site and found the Aussie section, Joan here from the Gold Coast, thought I would share with you
couple of the ways we save money, we are pensioners, married 52 years, and enjoy good food. I do most of my shopping
at Aldi, in particular I buy Aldi frozen whole chicken, I defrost this and bone it out, not hard to do once you have done
it a couple of times, I cook the legs in various ways, roast with a big tray of roast veg, or just fried in a nonstick pan and served with veg, or marinated in honey and soy, then roasted in the oven till they are cooked and sticky, serve with fried rice, delicious! the breasts can be sliced and served as stirfried chinese type meals, of pounded out between two sheets of plastic, spread with stuffing, rolled up and tied and roasted, or just cut a pocket in each breast and stuff with cheese and ham, cheese and avocado, sundried tomatoe and cheese, (the ideas are endless) then pan fry, I then boil the carcass to make a good chicken stock, when the carcass is cooked, (about 45 mins) I take it out of the stock and let it cool then take all the meat off it , usually there is enough to make a chicken pie or a chicken curry or just a good old chicken and corn soup with added dumplings, so, my $6-79 chicken from Aldi does my husband and I for three meals, and good meals too, I think that is prety frugal, @2-25 per meal.
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