Making your home look a little fancier often means shelling out lots of money. Instead of busting your budget, try a few of these tricks to make your place look nicer without emptying your wallet.

Create an Accent Wall

Using an interesting paint color or textured wallpaper can drastically change the look of a space. While the cost of wallpaper can add up pretty quickly, redoing only one wall is much more cost-effective. Plus, there are plenty of uses for leftover wallpaper. If wallpaper's not your thing, patterned paint rollers give the look of wallpaper at a fraction of the cost, and the design can be any color you choose - making this DIY project completely personalized.

Replace Your Garage Door

Not only is this cheaper than upgrading your siding or painting the exterior walls, but replacing your garage door can also save money in the long run. Garage doors have come a long way since their introduction; now they offer flair along with functionality. A nice wooden insulated door like this one will make the front of your home look new with one simple change, and the added insulation will reduce your electricity bill by allowing your home to heat itself more efficiently.

Add More Pillows

Easy and cheap - adding more pillows to your sofas and chairs makes the space seem cozier and well decorated. Opt for oversized and overstuffed pillows that will make a dramatic impact, while being comfortable and functional for guests. Up the wow factor by using pillowcases with bright colors or interesting designs to add a pop of color.

Dress up Your Windows

Adding some new drapes or blinds can be a great way to draw attention to your home's beauty, as well as bring in natural light and offer great views outside. Choosing neutral window treatments will ensure that the focus is drawn to the window, while still adding a little something to that otherwise bare space.

Accessorize Your Home

Accessories aren't just for adding some pizazz to an outfit; your home needs a little bling too. Adding framed art is a great way to add a little something to a space, and you can cut costs by making the art yourself or finding it in thrift or antique stores. Other wall hangings like mirrors make the space feel warmer and larger without obliterating your budget.

Declutter Your Rooms

One of the best ways to make your home look fancier is actually free - cleaning! Removing clutter from a space allows the accents of that room to truly stand out. Try using functional furniture with hideaway storage for putting away any clutter that detracts from the usability of a space. That's not to say your rooms have to be bare and minimalist, just that you should really focus on a design that makes the most of your room.

Creating a home that feels more welcoming without breaking the bank may seem like an overwhelming task, but with a few simple changes your abode will feel more like a mansion in no time. Home decor is a personal thing. Think outside the box to make your home truly your own.

Scott Huntington is a writer from central Pennsylvania. He enjoys working on his home and garden with his wife and 2 kids. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington