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This summer dd will be home with SO while I work until 2. I want to make her a chore chart to teach her some work ethics and some responsibility. DD is an only child and needs to learn to do more for herself. She will be 10 in July. I don't want her summer to feel like a prison camp but I do think she needs some task to to each day. I can think of the easy ones but am wondering what chores your kids do/did around her age? I want chores to do daily as well as stuff you do maybe once a week. Please post and let me have your ideas (or you can post and tell me I am a mean old mama for making this chart). School will be out at 1:30 tomorrow. I will be thrilled.

Thanks for your thoughts,


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I don't have children that age, so bear with me if this list isn't very good. I have it in a file of ages and stages of responsibilities for children.

8 - 10 years

Complete responsibility for their rooms on a daily basis (bed making, dresser drawers, closet, vacuuming, etc.).
Unsupervised yard work (i.e., lawn mowing, edging, clean-up, gardening).
More complex meal preparations (pour and make tea, coffee, and instant drinks, using sharp instruments, baking, using appliances, beginning meal planning).
More difficult cleaning projects (scrubbing kitchen floor, windows, cleaning appliances).
Summer jobs (lawn mowing, dog sitting, babysitting, odd jobs for vacationers).
Financial planning (computing percentages for saving, tithing, offerings, gift-giving and assuming responsibility with parental oversight).
Beginning car maintenance (helping dad with minor repairs, learning tool usage, washing/waxing).
Help rearrange furniture. Help plan the layout.
Run own bathwater.
Help others with their work when asked.
Shop for and select own clothing and shoes with parent.
Change school clothes without being told.
Fold blankets.
Sew buttons and sew rips in seams.
Clean storage room.
Clean up animal "messes" in the yard and house.
Cut flowers and make a centerpiece.
Pick fruit off trees.
Build a campfire, get items ready to cook out (charcoal, hamburgers).
Paint fence or shelves.
Help write simple letters.
Write thank-you notes.
Help with defrosting and cleaning the refrigerator.
Feed the baby.
Polish silverware, copper, or brass items.
Clean patio furniture.
Wax living room furniture.
Change sheets and put dirty sheets in hamper.
Buy groceries using a list and comparative shopping.
Cross streets unassisted.
Keep own appointments.
Receive and answer own mail.
Wait on guests.
Plan own birthday.
Simple first aid.
Do neighborhood chores.
Sew, knit, or weave (even using a sewing machine).
Do chores without a reminder.
Learn banking and to be thrifty and trustworthy.
Handle sums of money up to $5.00.
Be alone at home for short periods.
Take the city bus to selected destinations.
Proper conduct when staying overnight with a friend. Pack own suitcase.
Responsible for personal hobby.
Handle self properly when in public places alone or with peers.

11 - 12 years

Join outside organizations, do assignments, and attend. Able to take responsibility as a leader.
Put siblings to bed and dress them.
Clean pool and pool area.
Respect others' property.
Run own errands.
Mow lawn with supervision.
Help Father build things and do family errands.
Schedule himself time for studies.
Buy own sweets or treats.
Responsible for a paper route.
Check and add oil to car under supervision.

and another list:

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Yes Thanks!!! :D

This has been on my mind also as I've JUST started to ask DS age 10 to take HIS plate out after dinner and he thinks it's unfair!!!! :eek:

So I added to that - the washing up as well - LOL.

I couldn't honestly think of ANYTHING else!!!

So a Great Thread AND a Great List - Thank you! ;)

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Pat, my dd will be 10 in July also. I have about come to realize that some of the problems I have with my son is that I have let him get by with being lazy. I am doing better with my dd, but it is hard to change one who is 15 and has not had much responibility around the house. The chore lists posted are great. I also have a book called LIfe Skills for Kids that is great, that is what I am working out of right now.

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My dd is now 12 and is still on the same daily summer chore list from when she was 10. Each day she had to do one thing in her room & bathroom.

Mon, clear off her dresser & night stand, put away what ever it was on there and dust them.

Tue, Everything up off the floor, clothes in the hamper, toys away and vacuum.

Wed, sheets off the bed and clean sheets on.

Thurs, wipe down her bathroom counters, sink and sweep hair off the floor.

Fri, a bedroom quick clean and clear or no fun on the weekend!

Wed is her "house chores for Mom" day. Dust and vacuum either LR or den or she can sweep and paper towel skate wash the kitchen floor.

Plus each night after dinner she has to clear the table. Everyone usually clears their own plate, but she has to put things back into the fridge (juice, salad dressings) and put things away (salt,trivets) she also has to put left overs into containers and put them into the fridge. And wash the table! Certainly not too much to ask while I'm washing counters, stove and loading dishwasher. It usually turns into a team effort and makes her feel important. Sometimes she even puts the serving bowls straight into the dishwasher instead of on the counter!

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Great ideas everyone. I am working on fixing up her chart now, subject to add things as I think of them of course. I think everyones ideas were great and I am adding a reward system for reading. I know reading is not technically a chore, but I want to encourage her to read harder/longer books so I am paying $5 for each book (I have to ok book selection) that she reads and writes me a brief report/summary on. I hope this will improve both reading and writing for her. Thanks again guys.

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