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I found this on Debbie Mumm's site. I think it is so cute! :)

Garden Light Lamp​
Put some light on your decorating with a lamp made of painted flowerpots. A fabric-covered lamp shade is embellished with trim to complete this whimsical accessory. Subtle and beautiful, charming and sweet, show your creativity with this unique decorating accent.
Materials Needed for Lamp Base
Two terra cotta flowerpots - 8" and 6"
Acrylic craft paints - ivory, light tan, medium green, dark green, red, dark red, and black
Assorted paintbrushes
Pencil and ruler
Sea sponge
Rubber bands in various widths
Matte spray varnish
Lamp kit (socket, 10" harp, cord set, finial, and fittings)
Thread pipe kit (pipe, couplings, locknuts, knurled locknuts, and washers)
Plywood scraps
Two 1 1/2" Washers
Four 1" wooden ball knobs
Multi-purpose adhesive

Materials Needed for Lampshade
Lampshade - 11" high and 14 1/2" in diameter
Primary Fabric – 1/2 yard
Accent Fabric – 1/2 yard
Newsprint, butcher, or tracing paper to make pattern
Fabric adhesive spray
Cording with welt – 1 5/8 yards
Fabric glue
Painting the Flowerpots
Note: Allow paint to dry thoroughly between each step.
1. Paint clean, dry, flowerpots inside and out with one coat of gesso.
2. Apply a basecoat of ivory paint to 6" and 8" flower pots.
3. Place rubber bands around 6" pot, as desired. Using dark red paint, paint flowerpot being careful not to move rubber bands. Paint inside rim area. Add a second coat if needed. When dry, remove rubber bands.
4. For 8" pot, dampen a sea sponge and wring well. Dip sea sponge in light tan paint then ivory paint and blot on a paper towel. Using a tapping motion and a light touch, sponge tan/ivory paint over entire surface. Use more tan paint on the flowerpot rim. Allow to dry.
5. Mark pot with vertical lines for plaid guide, placing lines approximately 2" apart under the rim and 1 1/2" apart at the base.
6. Using a 1" paintbrush, paint vertical red stripes on lines just drawn. Repeat process to mark and paint horizontal red stripes, spacing lines evenly. Use dark red paint to darken squares where stripes overlap.
7. Referring to photo, use smaller paintbrushes to paint green and black vertical and horizontal lines.
8. Using red paint, paint inside rim area and a stripe along top edge.
9. After both pots are completely dry, spray with several coats of matte varnish.
Assembling the Lamp Base
1. Paint wooden knobs dark red and glue to bottom of 8" pot spacing evenly. This will raise the pot to allow for the electrical cord.
2. Measure inside diameter of each pot 1/2" from top edge. Cut one circle from plywood to each of these measurements. Drill a hole in the center of each plywood circle that is slightly larger than pipe circumference. Place wood circles in pots, stack and run pipe through both pots as shown. Add a washer at the top and another underneath bottom pot. Make sure washers are large enough to cover openings. Use lock nuts to fasten all pieces together.
3. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions to attach electrical components and harp.
Making the Lampshade Cover
1. To make a pattern of the lampshade on paper, first mark a point at top and bottom of lampshade with pins to begin and end tracing. Measure the distance from top to bottom of shade and mark a line on newsprint to that measurement (ours measures 11").
2. Place lampshade and pins on marked line. Roll and trace top and bottom edges of lampshade on paper. Add 1/2" at top and bottom of pattern and at each side to allow for overlap.
3. If using two fabrics for the shade, draw a parallel line 2 1/2" from bottom edge of pattern. This will be the cutting line for accent fabric.
4. Cut Primary Fabric using the whole pattern and Accent Fabric using the bottom section of the pattern. Pin the Accent Fabric on the Primary Fabric. Machine blanket-stitch in place. Press.
5. Mark centers of lampshade and fabric lightly with a pencil or removable fabric marker.
6. Spray outside of lampshade and wrong side of fabric with fabric adhesive, following manufacturer’s directions. With fabric on a large flat surface, place lampshade on fabric matching centers. Roll shade from center to edge of fabric, then repeat for other side. Fold lengthwise edge under and overlap other lengthwise edge slightly. Glue or hand-stitch fabric at seam. Fold fabric under at top and bottom of shade and glue to inside.
7. Glue cording with welt to top and bottom of lampshade, placing welt inside shade. Before cutting cording, sew around area to be cut with invisible or matching thread. Secure with a small amount of fabric glue.
8. Place shade on lamp harp and secure with finial.

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nice pot and nice colors too, would go good with my couch.

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Very cute! Thanks!

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Oh that's adorable. I bet my sil would love one for her living room :)

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I really like clay pot crafts. This craft is great.
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