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Lately, around my house I noticed that things keep coming in and then don't have a home. With the 4 kids, we have a lot more stuff! I have set up a shelving unit that we store their toys on. So, we took everything off the shelves and organized them into category, putting like items in clear tubs together. We were able to fit all of their things on the shelves and it look great. I can't wait until they come back over to make use of it!

Today, Df and I did some yard work. He mowed in the back yard and I picked up sticks in our front yard. We have a giant Sycamore tree that drops medium sized branches all over, especially after the windstorm we have a week ago. I filled up a small trash can with the branches. Then I noticed that our house was the only house on the block that had a pile of leaves against the curb all the way from my driveway to the edge of my property. It has been soooo hot lately, so my giant Sycamore decided it was fall and let go of some leaves. Then it rained a bunch last week. That combination left piles of wet leaves that gathering and starting to smell and collect mosquitos. So, we bagged up 4 bags of soggy, smelly leaves. Now, I'm hoping my neighbor will let me put them with his trash that goes out on Tuesday. We don't have trash service and normally take them to my parents house. But the bags are super heavy and we don't want to dirty up Df's SUV.

We also swept out the large shed we have in the backyard. We moved stuff around and made room for the stand up freezer my parents are giving to us. They are getting ready to move to a retirement home and emptying their current home of stuff in preparation. We discovered that some mice have claimed our shed as their new home. A small bag of grass seed was chewed into and strewn about. There was also droppings everywhere. Looks like we'll need to get some traps set up so we can catch them.
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