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DH was laid off on Nov 3rd. He was paid on a 2 week delay so we had some more checks from his employer this month, but unemployment has been slow to send out the checks.

So I figured for this month that we'd be $1491 short. We have a fair chunk in savings, so I wasn't too worried. The biggest thing I was kicking myself for was paying the car insurance bill in full ($2200) - that would have come in handy to have.

But I did some rearranging - cut some of our allowances, cut down on eating out and fluff stuff - didn't pay extra on the mortgage - only made half the payment into savings this month - and we're only $502 short. I also had some extra income - $82 worth of rebate/settlement checks and $70 in FSA re-imbursement. Yay!

And actually - I'm not going to be touching savings at all. I'll be able to use my Dec 2nd paycheck to cover some of the bills that usually come out of the November paychecks.

Longer term, I'm exepecting the unemployment checks to actually BE HERE in December (and he first filed on 11/9). He also has a former employer that will take him back, so we've already discussed that if he doesn't have any really good prospect by January, he'll go back there. So I'm not going to make any really drastic cuts until then.

But I was proud of myself for cutting the deficit from $1491 to $502. Go me!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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