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I have always bought Shout/prestain. I recently saw Shout on sale for 2/5.00. This is my recipe:
1 c ammonia 2.00 for 64oz=25c per cup (Dollar General)
1 c laundry detergent 1.00 for 30oz ($ Tree)=.03c per oz or 24c
1 c white vinegar 1.58 for 1gal/16cups (Walmart) =10c
2c h20 free from the tap
SO...I made 40oz Homemade Prestain for 59c COMPARED to 30oz of Shout on sale. If I had bought my ammonia @ Walmart it would have been cheaper! I haven't tried this yet, but, the directions said not to leave on for any length of time. So..I don't know whether this will fade darks.... This sure is a bargain!
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