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I bought me an early Christmas present: a 16-jar spice rack with spices included. It was about $20 and was one of three that they were offering at the store. One they had for putting inside a drawer but all of my drawers are filled. They had one that was $26 but it was magnetic and not right for me. The one that I did get has a nifty turntable beneath it and the labels are pretty good. I took what jars I had left that I didn't have the spices for (well, I did but I don't use stuff like marjorim or whatever enough to constitute buying them) and put the leftover spices that needed a home into them. It was my poultry seasoning, sage, etc that went into those bottles.

It's so awesome! I took the bags that the spices came in and put them into closeable sandwich bags, then put the bags inside the spice cabinet. The spice rack sits on my kitchen table for now. Just a few days ago, I was spilling garlic powder and pepper all over my hood fan because they kept falling out of the spice cabinet. Now, my remaining bottles of spices are on the left and the right side has the bags with the opened spice packages in it. No more spilling spices for me!

I'm hoping this does alot for not only my organizational skills, but for making sure that I don't buy too many spices.
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