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In a world that is dominated by over consumption, our natural environment is left to suffer. We have found ourselves in a position where convenience comes before well-being.

This can be seen though small daily activities such as driving a car instead of walking, eating fast food instead of cooking a wholesome homemade meal, and watching T.V instead of adventuring in nature.

One of the biggest conveniences that we tend to overlook is our electricity consumption.

Although there are more sustainable methods available as an alternative to coal, we still do not live in a world where renewable energy is abundantly used.

Because of this we should all cut back and simplify our lives by reducing our power consumption.

This will not only help preserve our precious home but will help us save some extra money at the end of the month for things that are really important.

Read about some simple (and mostly free) ways you can cut back on your electricity bill and make a difference today.
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