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Cops called on couponing mom

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I woke this morning to late to get ready for church. My friend who is my neighbor went to get her coupons this morning at 5 am. Well I gave her $10 to pick up papers for both us. Her hubby is unemployed right now. So she had a total of $20 dollars because her mom gave her ten last night when she brought grand daughter home. So this morning she went to 5-6 different places for our coupons. By the way I usually stop a 2 papers. Well some woman followed her home and called the cops saying that she stole newspapers. She was mad because she got the last paper. The cops came did not ask to come in just barged in when she opened the door & searched her house opened drawers, cabinets, looked under beds. Seen 20 total newspapers and told that was excessive. That anyone with a binder needed mental health help. her husband told them that was her hobby and it was her business. They own their home and have savings that they are living off of. She is couponing to stockpile and because she likes the products she uses. She is also better at it than me and gets most of her stuff for near free or next to nothing. That stupid show has caused discrimination for couponers and to people who have larger discerary incomes that can afford more items. They are those who are stupid with it. We are not.
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Write to the newspapers !
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