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Let’s make this thread our "coupon wish list" thread. We’ll all post our "wish list" of those coupons that we can always use. It will be pretty easy to scan one thread with everyone’s wish list in it. That way if a member sees your wish list and has some coupons from your list, maybe you’ll be able to work out a trade.

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Coupons that I am always in search of:

.35 cents to .50 cents on Sparkle (on one)
.50 cents on one Angel Soft
Heinz ketchup
White Lily muffin mix
Martha White muffin mix
Pepsi or Coke products
New York toast brand breadsticks/garlic bread
Butternut bread
Suave products
Purina Dog Chow Healthy Morsels
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter
Kellogg’s Eggo waffles
Right Guard Xtreme deodorant

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Great idea, Carrie!

I am always ISO:
(I prefer coupons that are $$/1, not off of two or three)

Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes
Pampers diapers
Kellogg's Cereal
Life Cereal
Minute Rice
Aunt Jemima Waffles
Cottonelle Toilet Paper (regular, not Aloe and E)
Scott paper towels
Weight Watchers Smart ones
Weight Watchers Optima meal replacement bars
Weight Watchers Snacks
Weight Watchers Ice Cream Treats
Lays Potato Chips
Yoplait Yogurt
Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt
Breyers Ice Cream (regular...not the light kind)

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I am ISO:

-Juicy Juice
-Mahatma Rice Mixes
-Hunts ketchup
-Iams dog food (dry, not pouches) for adult dog
-Gain laundry detergent
-Swiffer pads and refills
-Clorox wipes
-any cake mixes, frostings, or cookie mixes
-Pop Tarts
-any cereals
-St. Joseph's aspirin

Am willing to trade coupons or send stamps!


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I unfortunatly do NOT have any couppons at this time (Dh forgets to buy the paper) but I HOPE to have some this weekend for trading (if not, I'd be able to send postage stamps in trade.)

Here is what Im always ISO:

*Carnation coffeemate liquid creamer
*Folgers coffee
*Eggo frozen waffles
*Kraft cheese
*Pepsi & Dr.Pepper
*Jimmy Dean sausage,egg,biscuits
*Dove soaps,shampoos,conditioners
*Always pantyliners
*Cottenelle toilet paper
*Meow mix cat food
*Kitty Litter (any)
*Marlboro cigs
*Axe- mens body wash & body spray
*Head & shoulders shampoo
*Advil & Tylenol
*Disposable lady razors
*Clorox wipes
*Tampax tampons
*Lays chips
*Capri Sun or other box drinks
*Luzianne tea bags
*Dawn dishwashing liquid
*ALL clear-liquid laundry soap
*Blue Bell icecream
*Toothbrushes (any brand)
*Colgate & Crest toothpaste
*Suave hair spray & other hair products by Suave
*Dial foam hand soap
*Lipton side dishes
*Degree womens deodorant
*Cereal (any)
*Sunny D
*Little debbie snack cakes
*Pop Tarts

**Will add more as I think of them**:)

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I'm on the look-out for any fo the following coupons:

Axe Deodarant
Axe BodyWash
Jimmy Dean Breakfasts
Tampax Pearl Tampons
Hamburger Helper
Swiffer Pads
Adidas Deoderant (female)
Dove soap, shampoo, bodywash, etc.
Herbal Essences body wash
A-1 steak sauce/marinade
Progresso Soups

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I was lurking, and wondered if you guys had ever used They have lots of these coupons for you to purchase at about 5-10cents each.

There is no minimum order, but you must get at least 5 of each coupon.

I just bough $6.00 worth of coupons--about 100 coupons, and will save $72.00 by using these coupons. The s/h total was a little over $1.00.

Hope you find some coupons you can use there!


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I am always looking for natural foods coupons, including:

soy milk
boca, gardenburger, or morningstar products
soy cheese
natural cereals

pretty much anything natural.

Thank you!

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Coupon Wish List

I am new to this and not even sure how it all works, but here are the coupons that I am interested in: plus I have hundreds to give away......but need someone to let me know how you guys actually trade them?

All vegetables
Kraft Mac & Cheese
Velveeta cheese
Lays Chips
Doritos chips
Campbells soup
Mccormick seasoning
Lipton soup and sides
salad dressings
Hunts spaghetti sauce
Slim Fast (all items)
Healthy choice meals
Lean cuisine meals
Tide products
Febreeze products
Pepsi Products (all)
Angel Soft Tissue
Hamburger Helper
Mexican food items (all)

Please let me know how this works exactly

Thank you ............Stace

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I am sorry but I will need to revise my list.............I cut myself off in the middle of typing................Here is my new list...........:

Angel Soft Bath Tissue
Pepsi Products (any)
Febreeze Products (any)
Tide Products (any)
Lean Cuisine Meals
Healthy Choice Meals
Slim Fast Drinks
Slim Fast Meal Bars
Saland dressings
Spaghetti Sauce (any)
Lipton Soups and Sides
McCormick Seasonings
Campbells Soups
Velveeta cheese
Kraft Mac&Cheese & other cheese
All Vegetables
Mahatma Sides & Rice
Pop Tarts
Folgers Coffee
Marlboro Cigarettes
Tampax Tampons
Crest Whitestrips
Crest Renewal
Olay Regenerist
Anti-wrinkle products (any)
Dial Soap
Farenheigt for women
Little Debbie Snack Cakes
Totino's Pizza
Red Baron Pizza
Juicie Juice
Coca-Cola Products
Hair Color (any)
Restaurant Coupons (Red Lobster, etc)
Del Monte Products
Aveeno Products
Make-up (any)

There...........I got it all down this time.................thanks guys............Stace

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I could really use Huggies Supreme (or any huggies) and huggies wipes

Tide HE
Tropicana Pure premium OJ
suave shampoo & conditioner
Tampax & tampax compact

I saw Amy, that you use pampers.......I could trade any I get for huggies if you get 'em. :)

I don't have alot to trade right now... I kind of stopped clipping them because I don't use them....I get almost all no-name brand & I don't get alot of prepared foods. I Just ended up throwing them all away.

I have stamps & I could easily look out for specifics for a regular trader.

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I am new to this but if someone wants to trade coupons i get alot of baby coupons and I don't have any babies so would be willing to trade those for some others, also, I usally have a lot of coupons I don't use so if someone will tell me how you guys work this I would be happy to trade:

I am always looking for
international delight coffee creamer
Fresh express salad mixes
Mt dew coupons
Marlboro coupons
Malt-o-Meal cearl coupons
Dawn Dish soap
Any kind of fabric softner or dryer sheets
Millstone coffee (my one vice)
Whole grain pastas
Cooking sprays and cooking oils (no $1.00 of 2 or more please)
Baking such as flour sugar, ect
Canned juice either frozen or not
Canned fruit
any kind of toothpaste
any kind of shaving cream men and woman
Venus blades
Intutition blades (mental challanged daughter uses this easier on her)
Dove or Oily of Ola body wash, any that have lots of moisterizers, ds and dd have Exzema and these are the only ones that work
Land o lakes butter or margerian (can't spell today)
Cottenail toilet paper
Hp printer ink
A&W rootbeer

this is all i can think of right now...

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I would be interested in coupons that are $$/1, dont want to have to buy 2 or 3.

- Newport Ciggys will take carton coupons as well
- Pasta and/or Sauce
- Mac & Cheese
- Paper Towls
- Toilet Paper
- Chef Boy R D coupons
- Bread
- Pepsi Products (mostly Diet Pepsi)
- Tampax or Kotex products

Thanks, I have coupons here if anyone wants to trade!

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Pam, Tracy and Jamie.................I have a lot of coupons you are needing..................tell me how you would like to trade and I will need you addresses to send them any of you have the stuff I have listed to trade with? I can mail them out today....................Just let me know how you want to do this,,,,,not sure how we are supposed to go about it

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I have some for you livenbemerry i have cearl and i think i have foldgers and the mac and cheese, I have a lot of coupons I can go through them and check for sure if you want to email me my email is [email protected] and we can trade address and coupons, if that is okay with you..... thanks a bunch...

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I have sent you a couple of emails. I have a lot of your favorite coupons already listed in the email. Just email me back and let me know what you would like from the list.............

Still waiting to hear from Tracy........


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Stace I replied to your emails could not get to the computer yesterday kids would not give up computer lol. hope to hear from you soon.

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Stace I replied to your emails could not get to the computer yesterday kids would not give up computer lol. hope to hear from you soon.
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