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My wish list:

anydog food wet or dry/treat/chew/rawhide
any cat food wet or dry / treat/ toy
fast food coupons for DH
any morningstar coupons
any frozen diet dinners

I have alot of coupons for costco I never seem to use too!

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I have a whole bunch of coupons if there are any that you need email me a list and i will let you know what i have and we can trade or something. you can email me at [email protected] thanks

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My Wishlist

Ecgsmama’s Wishlist

Rite Aid - $5 off $25
Buy Huggies Wipes, get B&B product free
Duncan Hines Brownies
Duncan Hines Frosting
DelMonte Spaghetti Sauce
Mott’s Applesauce
Juicy Juice
Pudding/Applesauce Snackpacks
Cover Girl – Compacts
Halogen Lightbulbs.
Tony’s Pizzas

4/9 Insert:
.35/1 Meadow Brook Milk
1.00/1 Daisy Sour Cream (5-31-06)
$2/2 Heluva Good 8oz. Chunk Cheese (5/29/06)
$1/2 Heluva Good 8 oz. Chunk Cheese (5/29/06)
$1/2 Heluva Good 8 or 12 oz. Shredded Cheese (5/29/06)

4/2 Insert:
.35/1 Hillshire Farms Links (5/14/06)
.50/1 Jimmy Dean Fresh Taste. Fast! Sausage or Bacon (5/14/06)
1.00/1 Tostitos (6/2/06)

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hi all im a new member,heres my iso list and what i got to trade.

mostly im iso food or beverages rebate forms,mostly i need the rebate form thats been on the cheerios boxes for getting a free box of new cereals,ill trade for almost any rebate forms trade i have a $4.99 rebate back on coca-cola blak 4-pack bottles,expires 6/5,three coupons for $1.50 off one family size hungryman tv dinners expires 5/21,three coupons for $1 off two hungry man tv dinner expires 5/21,two b1g1free amazing mnms bars expires 6/19,three b1g1free trident splash gum expires 10/29,two for $1 off two pints of ben and jerrys ice cream/yogurt expires 5/31.glad i found this group,my names sam,hope to get some good trades and maybe make new friends,feel free to email me,[email protected] to talk to you soon,thanx :)

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We use very few coupons. I do not want to see them go to waste so I am wiling to trade coupons for postage stamps.
I am looking to see what I have that matches your needs.

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i am looking for

Butter Buds
Fresh Express
Tide with out bleach

I have several coupons from your lists and will pm you as i go through them.

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Here's what I am in search of:

Caress body wash
Del Monte canned vegetables
Edge Shave gel
Fresh Express salad (only have to buy one)
Garnier Fructis (shampoo, conditioner or styling product)
Idahoan mashed potatoes 4 oz. size
Kellogg's cereal (Frosted Mini Wheats or Raisin Bran Crunch)
Kellogg's Movie Lovers certificates
Kraft Salad dressing
Lays or Ruffles baked potato chips
Nabisco Fig Newtons fat free
Nature Valley granola bars
Oroweat Bread
Ritz chips
Skintimate Shave Gel
Skippy peanut butter
Slimfast Ultima Shakes
Special K granola bars
Suave shampoo or body wash
Tide powder
Yoplait Light Yogurt

Thank you everybody.


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Child Related Coupons...

GoodNights, Gerber, Children's Tylenol, Pull Ups, Little Tykes

$20.50 worth of coupons. Plus I will throw in 25 additional coupons.

PM me if you are interested!

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I also have alot of baby and toddler coupons if anyone needs them let me know and i will see what we can trade, thank you

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Always looking for:

(and can use expired coupons here in Illinois -prefer year 2005-2006 exp. , longer than that and the store clerks roll their eyes and have a hissy)

Organic milk
Kellogg's cereal $1/1
Breyer's ICE CREAM
Hebrew National Hot Dogs
Bagged salads
Kotex pads off one only
Newmans Organics
Franceso Rinaldi pasta sauce
any totally free product coupon

Nutro Dry dog food (this cannot be expired)

Always looking to trade for these trial sizes or stockpiled full sizes:

Head & Shoulders shampoo
Claritin/Alavert (no decongestant added)
Kotex pads any size (must be this brand)

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ok, these are some coupons im looking for.... i dont really have access to alot of coupons cuz im overseas, but im willing to trade paypal or stamps or something....if you have anyof these, let me know what you want to do about the trade..... oh, and expireds are ok, as long as its less than 6 months

*Cascadian Farms organic Granola cereal
*organic valley milk
*organic valley cheese
*organic valley butter
*annies organic mac and cheese
*kashi crackers
*edy's whole fruit bar popsicles
*amy's kitchen canned soups or frozen products
*oscar meyer center cut bacon
*mccormick spices or extracts
*palmolive dishwasher soap
*near east couscous
*natures valley granola bars
*scott toilet paper
*mach 3 turbo )or power or whatever that vibrating razor is called) blades
*venus razor blades
*dove deoderant
*aquafresh toothpaste
*purina dog chow complete nutrition
*stoneyfield farms organic yogurt
*fresh express salads
*CLIF bars
*maranatha oraganic nut butters
* other organic products- let me know what you have, and i'll let you know if i can use it

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I usually buy store/sale items, but there are a few things I look for ...

frozen veggies
bread products
juice boxes
mixes (cake, cookie, bread, etc)
pudding cups

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Coupon Wish List

Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum! I have many grocery and restaurant coupons to trade. Here are coupons I am always in search of...

*Soy milk
*Ragu or Barilla
*Whole grain products
*Organic foods
*Shave gels
*Disposable razors
*Tyson products
*Coke products
*Tuna (preferably the kind sold in pouches)
*Any self-tanner or self-tanning moisturizer
*Viva paper towels
*Scott toiler paper
*Febreze Allergen Reducer
*Kellogg's Smart Start
*St. Ives Apricot Scrub
*Taco shells
*Uncle Ben's Rice
*Banquet Homestyle Bakes
*Iams Dog Food
*Frozen veggies
*Health Choice or Lean Cuisine frozen dinners
*Subway Restaurants
*Panera Bread


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I am still new here,and don't have enough posts to be able to join in on the coupon swaps,but I am an avid coupon user.

Here are the ones I could really use:

Purina Healthy Morsels dog food
or Little Bites Indoor Complete.

Friskies dry cat food
Tiday Cats cat litter

also for cheese,any brand
cake mix
brownie mix
muffin mix
any for $$ off meat
Honey Bunches of Oats
PepperRidge farm frozen bread

Let me know what you have,maybe we can trade......I have a lot to work with here.:gum:

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Kashi (any)
microwave popcorn
Kellogg's cereal
BBQ sauce
Kraft Mac n Cheese
graham crackers
Gerber or Beechnut baby food
liquid non dairy creamer
packaged salad
Suddenly Salad
Campbell's Selects soup
Target store brand diapers and formula
refried beans
Breyer's, Dreyer's, Denali ice cream
Skinny Cow
sour cream
Hamburger Helper
Zatarains rice
fruit snacks
Diet Pepsi
potato chips
tortilla chips
Children's Tylenol
Best Foods/ Hellerman's Mayo
Rightguard deodorant
Dove deodorant
Softsoap shower gel
Suave soap

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This is my first time trying this so let me know if I'm doing this correctly. So, here it goes:

Dole products
Dole Fresh express
Bird’s Eye Steam Fresh (I love this product)
Canned Fruit
Canned Fruit Pie Filling
Pepperidge Farms
Thomas’s Bagels
NO-Yolks Noodles
Beneful Dry Dog Food
Peanut Butter
Coffee Pods
Cooking spray (no fake stuff
Lipton Tea Mix
Oust Air Sanitizer (spray only)
Fantastic / 409
I have several items on other's lists. How can I trade with someone?

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I have 6 Kibbles & Bits coupons that I gave no use for (good though 10/ 7 & 10/14( I would like to trade for any Beneful Dry that someone may have. :teddy2:

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I have tons of coupons to trade.

I am looking for
Cat liter
Tuna (pouchs)
Glade whisp buy 1 refill get 1 free
Dryer sheets (downy or bounce)
Air freshners
Red Baron pizza
Kraft mac and cheese (I don't think they hardly ever have these)
Hawaiian punch

I have tons of dipars, and other items. Let me know what you are looking for and I will see what I have.

Thanks!!! I can't have expired no store around here takes them.

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Lets see...

* Pull ups (or any kind of training pants)
* White Cloud (walmart brand) diapers
* Huggies wipes
* Baby wash, lotion, etc.
* Gerber baby food
* Ol Roy dog food
* Special Kitty cat food
* Charmin TP
* Puffs tissues
* Axe body wash....anything really (DH loves it)
* Tide
* Downy
* Any kind of dish soap/dish washing detergent
* Mt Dew (Pepsi product)
* Minute Main orange juice
* Venus razors
* Any kind of pasta and sauce

That's all my mind will give up today. Darn cold.:yucky:

I'm going through coupons tomorrow so I'll see what I have to trade then come back and see if anyone needs what I have.

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Here are some that I commonly use

~Cottonelle TP
~Any paper towels
~Suave products
~Purina Beneful dog food
~Pepsi products (love my Mt. Dew)
~Uncle Bens, Zatirans, or any other microwavable rice pouches
~Any heart healthy butter
~Any frozen pancakes
~Any pasta and pasta sauces
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