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Coupons that I am always in search of:

.35 cents to .50 cents on Sparkle (on one)
.50 cents on one Angel Soft
Heinz ketchup
White Lily muffin mix
Martha White muffin mix
Pepsi or Coke products
New York toast brand breadsticks/garlic bread
Butternut bread
Suave products
Purina Dog Chow Healthy Morsels
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter
Kellogg’s Eggo waffles
Right Guard Xtreme deodorant
i have one 25cents RAGU coupon and three ($1.00) right guard extreme coupons that you are more than welcomed to have. i've just started my "frugal lifestyle" more or less and i'd love to send coupons your way. i cut out mostly everything from the sunday paper and just like them actually getting used. - if you send me an addy, i can stick them in an envelope and get them out today

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I'm on the look-out for any fo the following coupons:

Axe Deodarant
Axe BodyWash
Jimmy Dean Breakfasts
Tampax Pearl Tampons
Hamburger Helper
Swiffer Pads
Adidas Deoderant (female)
Dove soap, shampoo, bodywash, etc.
Herbal Essences body wash
A-1 steak sauce/marinade
Progresso Soups
i have two "save a dollar on any huggies" coupons if youd like them.
if you send me your addy i can slip them in an envelope and have them out today!

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Hi, I'd like to add my list. I will also go through my coupon stash and match up what others are looking for.
I prefer $$/1 item (instead of having to buy multiples of an item to use coupon) I can always use:

Tidy Cats cat litter
KitNKaboodle cat food
Fancy Feast (wet or dry) cat food
Morningstar Farms products
Boca products
Amy's Kitchen (frozen only...nobody sells the canned products here)
Frozen Vegetables
Fresh Express salads
Tuna pouches
Near East CousCous
Sara Lee bread
Dannon yogurt

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i just got a costco coupon book valid from oct 13 thru oct 29
it has
$1.50 off coke, dietcoke, sprite 24 or 32 pak
$1.50 off folgers clasic roast coffee 52 oz
$9 off brita pitcher and/or 10-pk filters
$3 off oral-b cross action toothbrushes 6 pk
$2 off pepsi 36 pk or 1.50 off pepsi 24 pk
$2 off pantene shampoo/conditioner
$3 off oxiclean stain remover 14 lb box
$2 off Q-tips 1750 ct
$6 off Pria110 36 bar variety pack
$3 off irish spring original soap 20 pk
$2 off softsoap hand soap 128 oz
$5 off equal 800 packets
$2.50 off tampax tampons
$3 off juicy juice variety pack 32/6.75 oz packs
$3 off one-a-day women's /men's multivitamin 250 ct
$2 off nesquik chocolate powder 67 oz
$2 off glad press n seal 2pk

and a lot other coupons on electronic items and furniture available at costco
ofcourse u need to have a costco card to use these in the store.

my coupon wish list is
pampers wipes
baby cereal
minute maid juice

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Im new to the coupon trading scene.I will try out a list and llok over my coupons to see what I have that others might like:

Baby coupons(gerber graduates, huggies diapers and wipes, pampers diapers and wipes etc...)
powdered pancake mix like hungry Jack(*blush*I know pancake MIX??)
Red Zone deoderant-all mens deoderant
axe body wash
Arm and hammer detergent/cat litter
IAMS or purina one
johnny cat litter
Any Coffee coupons( foldgers, cfonuts etc...)
perdue chicken nuggets
juicy juice or any juices
stoneyfield farms yogurt

thats all I can come up with for now,good luck everyone!

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Stace-have a bunch of these coupons

Angel Soft Bath Tissue
Pepsi Products (any)
Febreeze Products (any)
Tide Products (any)
Lean Cuisine Meals
Healthy Choice Meals
Slim Fast Drinks
Slim Fast Meal Bars
Saland dressings
Spaghetti Sauce (any)
Lipton Soups and Sides
McCormick Seasonings
Campbells Soups
Velveeta cheese
Kraft Mac&Cheese & other cheese
All Vegetables
Mahatma Sides & Rice
Pop Tarts
Folgers Coffee
Marlboro Cigarettes
Tampax Tampons
Crest Whitestrips
Crest Renewal
Olay Regenerist
Anti-wrinkle products (any)
Dial Soap
Farenheigt for women
Little Debbie Snack Cakes
Totino's Pizza
Red Baron Pizza
Juicie Juice
Coca-Cola Products
Hair Color (any)
Restaurant Coupons (Red Lobster, etc)
Del Monte Products
Aveeno Products
Make-up (any)

Hi Stace I have marlboro,febreeze and several other of the coupons you are looking for-cambell soup etc..PM me and I will send them out to you if you want to give me your address...


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i am trying to create a blog site for the coupons that i have
i am still entering the coupon list
i can send the coupons to anyone who can send a SASE.
just send me a message
check the site

thanks for looking
good luck

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I am going to get back into couponing BIG TIME this year, here is my list of always could use....I unfortunately don't have anything to trade right now except postage stamps.

I prefer $$/1, but will consider others :)

Bridgeford Frozen Bread Dough
Hormell Pepperoni
Suave Hair Care Products
Suave Body Wash
VO5 Shampoo/Conditioner
Meow Mix
All or Surf Laundry Detergent
Purex Laundry Detergent
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap
Softsoap Body Wash
Pillsbury Italian Meal Breads
Palmolive Dish Liquid
Nabisco Crackers
Frenchs Yellow Mustard
Colgate Toothpastes
Crest Toothpastes
Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars
Malt-O-Meal Cereal
Pilgrims Pride Chicken
Scrubbing Bubbles Aerosol
Ziploc Bags
Ragu Pasta Sauces
Shedds Spread Country Crock Spread
Campbells SpaghettiOs
Jet-Dry Rinse Agent

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I love using coupons..I was wondering if any of yall know that Fred's store will double there coupons up to 70 cents on Saturdays(they do here where I live and have tried a few other towns also and they to do it)
Something you might want to check out at your local Fred's store.

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I am in desperate need and search of the following:

Dannon yogurt coupons (all kinds)
General Mills cereal (all kinds, $1/1)
Egg Beaters
Better than Eggs
Ban Deodorant
Secret Deodorant
Johnson & Johnson toothbrush products
Quiznos Sub shop coupons
Kellogg cereal and cereal bars (all kinds)
Barilla pasta (all kinds)
Dove Handwash

I will take EXPIRED coupons, except for the Quiznos

I have TONS (and I mean tons) to trade, too many to list right now, so email me what you are looking for or if you just want $$ or stamps.

Send me an email/ PM through the forum. Thanks.

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Hello Everyone-
I would love to coupon swap but I am a newbie. Would need some guidance. I have many coupons that I would not use and would like to be able to swap. Here are some that I have:

Open Pit
Tyyson Heat N Eat
Tyson Frozen Boxed
Pepperidge Farm Frozen Bread
Borden Shredded Cheese
Nutri-Grain Bars(Cereal,Yogurt Fruit/Nut)
Williams Seasoning Packets
LUVS Diapers Expires Feb 28
Sears Portrait Studio
Asian Sensations
Glade Scented Oil Plugins
Frank's Red Hot Sauce
French's French Fried Onions
Ball Park Franks Fat Free or Lite Franks
Kozy Shack Pudding Snack
Weight Watchers Yogurt Cups
Limited Too but expires Feb 19
The coupons I am looking for are:

Pedigree Dog Food
Greenies Chew Bones
International Delight or Coffeemate Creamer
Bounce Dryer Sheets
Northern Bathroom Tissue
Always Feminine Napkins
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

If there is one that you are looking for I can see if I possibly have it to trade.

Thanks In Advance and Happy Clipping.

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Hey I'm a newbie to couponing and this forum (I've been lurking for a while but I just signed up) but I would love to get mor einto coupon trading
My wish list is
Pedigree dog food (preferably canned)
Aussie hair cair
Tylenol Go tabs
Purina Chew-eez Carvers dog treats
Herbal Tea (Celestial Seaons, Bigelow)
Arrid deodorant
Soft and dri deodorant
Beef hotdogs
Pop Tarts
Muffin mixes
Tampons (playtex or ob)
Cereal (Post or General Mills)
Head and Shoulder Intensive Solution
Body wash
Coffee (maxwell house or folgers)
Cream of wheat
Ice Cream (Ben and jerrys, Edys, Bryers)
I'm sure I could use others but I cant think right now
I have lots of coupons so just let me know what you need
[email protected]

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Here is my wishlist:

A1 Steak Sauce

Ban Deodarant

Balducci Store Coupons

Better than Eggs

Busch's Beans

Butterball products


Charmain Toilet Paper

Cottonelle Toilet Paper

Dannon Yogurt (all kinds)

Dove Handwash

Egg Beaters

General Mills cereal

Harris Teeter store coupons

Hunts Canned Tomatoes

Johnson & Johnson toothbrush and other teeth products (ex Reach, Act, etc)

Kellogg cereals and cereal bars

Oil of Oley

Perrier Products

Prego Sauce

Progresso Soups and Beans

Secret Deodarant

Simply Orange juice

Skintimate Shaving Cream or Gel

Tabasco Sauce

Target store coupons

Texas Pete

Trader Joes Coupons

Here is what I have to trade:

Coupons are in alphabetical order:

Regular Grocery/ Health & Beauty/ Cleaning Coupons

1.50 off any 3M Pet Care Product (ex 4/30/07)

(8) 1.00 off 2 Air Wick Scented Oil Refills (ex 3/25/07)

(8) Free Air Wick Warmer Unit w/ purchase of Air Wick Scented Oil Refill (ex 3/25/07)

0.20 off Ajax Dishwashing Liquid (18oz or larger) (ex 3/10/07)

0.55 off Alka-Seltzer Product 12 ct or larger (excludes Plus Cold Products (ex 4/30/07)

Alpo: Buy 2 22oz cans, get 1 Free (ex 3/31/07)

Alpo: Buy 4 13.2oz cans, get 1 Free (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off AngelSoft Toilet Paper 2 6-Double Rolls or larger (ex 4/18/07)

(5) 0.75 off Aquafresh Cavity Protection, Extra Fresh, Tartar Control Whitening Aquafresh Kids Tootpaste or ANY Aquafresh toothbrush (ex 3/3/07)

(4) 1.00 off any Aquafresh Extreme Clean, White & Shine, Ultimate Wash, Sensitive, 4.3oz or larger (ex 3/3/07)

2.00 off any size of AQuify Multi-Purpose Solution (ex 3/31/07)

0.75 off Arm & Hammer Toothpaste (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off any Arm & Hammer Toothpaste (ex 4/30/07)

0.55 off Armstrong Floor Cleaner (ex 3/10/07)

(7) 1.00 off 2 Arrid Deodarants/ antiperspirants (ex 4/30/07)

(2) 1.00 off Asian Sensations Product (ex 7/02/07)

(3) 1.00 off any 2 Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfasts (ex 3/31/07)

2.00 off 2 Aussie Products (excludes trial size) (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off any 1 Aveeno Product (except trail size & cleansing bars) (ex 3/31/07)

1.50 off any 2 Aveeno Products (except trail size & cleansing bars) (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off 2 Axelrod Sour Cream 16oz or larger (ex 3/31/07)

(2) 1.00 off any package of Ball Park Fat Free or Lite Links (ex 5/31/07)

(8) 1.00 off Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breast, 11-12 oz (ex 4/5/07)

0.75 off any Bayer Aspirin Product 24ct or larger (ex 3/31/07)

5.00 off any 2 Bayer Nutritional Science Products (ex 5/31/07)

2.00 off any one Bayer Nutritional Science Product (ex 5/31/07)

(8) 1.00 off any Benadryl Product (ex 4/30/07)

(8) 1.00 off any Benadryl Children's Allergy product (ex 4/30/07)

2.00 off any Benefiber Product (ex 4/30/07)

1.50 off any 2 Bertolli Sauces (ex 4/8/07)

0.50 off w/ purchase of Betty Crocker Cake Mix & Betty Crocker Frosting (ex 4/7/07)

(2) 0.50 off any 2 boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, Fuit Gushers, or Fruit Roll Ups (ex 4/7/07)

0.50 off Betty Crocker Warm Delights Bowl (ex 4/7/07)

2.00 off any BIC Comfort 3 Advance Shaver 4-pack (ex 3/4/07)

2.00 off BIC Soleil or BIC Soleil Twilight Shaver 4-pack (ex 3/4/07)

0.50 off Bisquick Original or Heart Smart Baking Mix (40oz or larger) or Shake & Pour Pancake Mix (10.6 oz) (ex 4/7/07)

(7) 0.35 off Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes or Macaroni & Cheese (ex 4/15/07)

(6) 1.00 off any Bob Evans Slow Roasted Dinners (ex 4/15/07)

0.55 off Boboli Crust (ex 4/30/07)

3.00 off any Blue-Emu Product (ex 1/31/08)

1.00 off any Blue Diamond Bold Almonds 6oz or larger (ex 4/22/07)

0.75 off any 2 Blue Diamond Almonds 6oz or larger (ex 4/22/07)

0.25 off any size Bounce Dryer Sheets (ex 2/28/07)

1.00 off 2 Breakstone's Sour Cream (ex 3/19/07)

(3) 1.00 off any Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Chicken Breast 4oz pouch (ex 4/30/07)

(3) 1.00 off any Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Chicken Breast, Albacore or Salmon Steak 4oz pouch (ex 4/30/07)

Busy Bone: Buy 1 6oz or larger Purina Beggin, and get 7oz Purina Busy Bone Free (ex 3/25/07)

(2) 1.00 off any Cacao Reserve by Hershey Chocolate 1.8 oz or larger (ex 4/28/07)

(3) 0.50 off any 2 Campbells Chunky - Healthy Request Soups (ex 4/30/07)

(5) 0.50 off any 5 Campbells condensed Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soups (expires 3/31/07)

0.40 off 2 Campells Condensed Soups (except Chicken Noodle, Tomato and Creams) (ex 3/31/07)

(3) 0.40 off any 2 Campbells Healthy Request Condensed Soups (ex 4/30/07)

(3) 0.50 off any 2 Campbells Select Healthy Request Soups (ex 4/30/07)

0.75 off any Caribou Coffee Chewy Granola Bars (ex 4/7/07)

1.00 off any 2 20ct Cascade Actionpacs (ex 2/28/07)

1.00 off Cascadian Farm product (ex 3/17/07)

1.00 off any Centrum Performance Product (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off any Centrum Silver Product (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off any 5 Chef Boyardee Canned or Microwave Pasta (ex 4/8/07)

1.00 off any 2 Chef Boyardee Microwave Pasta (14.25 oz or larger) (ex 4/8/07)

1.00 off any Chiquita Apple Bites (12 oz or larger) (ex 3/31/07)

0.50 off 2 any flavor Chex Mix, 4.5 oz or larger (ex 3/24/07)

(8) 1.00 off 2 Chock full o'Nuts 11oz canister or larger (ex 4/30/07)

(6) 0.55 off any 2 Chocostix 10oz packages (expires 3/4/07)

(5) 3.00 off any CholestOff product (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off Citre Shine Product (full size) (ex 4/21/07)

3.00 off any 2 Citre Shine Products (full size) (ex 4/21/07)

2.00 off any size Clear Care Cleansing & Disinfecting Solution (ex 3/31/07)

Free Clorox Disinfecting Wipes w/purchase of 3 participating Clorox Products (ex 3/31/07)

(2) 1.00 off any Cocoavia Brand Product (ex 4/22/07)

1.00 off Comtrex product (ex 3/31/07)

(3) 1.00 off any Contessa Seafood Product (ex 4/15/07)

(3) 1.00 off any Contessa convenience meal (ex 4/15/07)

1.00 off any Covergirl TruShine or TruBlend Product (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off any 2 Crest pastes, 4.1oz or larger (2/28/07)

1.00 off any 2 Crest pastes, 4.1oz or larger (3/31/07)

5.00 off Crest Whitestrips (ex 2/28/07)

5.00 off Crest Whitestrips (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off Curel Lotion 6fl oz or larger (ex 3/31/07)

0.55 off Dean’s Dip (12oz or larger) (ex 4/28/07)

(2) 1.00 off Delsym adult cough product (ex 4/30/07)

(2) 1.00 off Delsym children's cough product (ex 4/30/07)

(8) 2.00 off any 2 Depend Absorbent Products (ex 4/08/07)

(8) 1.00 off Depend Guards for Men (ex 4/08/07)

0.45 off 2 Domino Sugar products (2lb or larger) (ex 5/31/07)

1.00 off Dulcolax 25ct or larger Tablets or any size suppositories (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off Dulcolax 25ct or larger stool softener (ex 4/30/07)

(2) 2.00 off any Durex Play Item (ex 5/31/07)

(2) 0.50 off Easy-Off Bam Product (ex 4/29/07)

0.75 off 2 packages of Eckrich Smoked Sausage (ex 3/18/07)

1.00 off Edge Active Care Shave Cream or Gel (ex 3/10/07)

0.75 off Edge Advantaged Shave Gel (ex 3/10/07)

1.00 off any El Monterey Taquitos (ex 4/30/07)

(8) 0.35 off Electrasol Power or Gel Automatic Dishwasher Detergent (ex 4/8/07)

(8) 0.50 off Electrasol Powerball Tabs, 2 in 1 Gelpacs or Dual Action Tabs Automatic Dishwasher Detergent (4/08/07)

0.50 off any Emeril’s Product (ex 4/28/07)

(2) 1.00 off any 2 Endust Products (ex 4/28/07)

(5) 1.00 off any 1 Ensure 6-pack or 1 Ensure Single (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off Equal (ex 4/15/07)

3.00 off any 2 Ex-Lax products (24 ct or larger) (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off 2 Extra 15-stick packs or 1 Extra Multipack (ex 4/8/07)

1.00 off 4 cans of Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys (any variety) (ex 4/29/07)

1.00 off Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold (dry, any size/variety) (ex 4/29/07)

1.00 off any 2 Febreze Air Effects (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off any 2 Febreze Fabric Refreshers (ex 3/31/07)

2.00 off Febreze Noticeables Starter Kit OR 2 Refills (ex 3/31/07)

5.00 off Febreze Scentstories Machine Starter Kit (ex 3/31/07)

2.00 off any Fibersure Product (ex 2/28/07)

1.00 off Finesse Product (ex 5/31/07)

0.55 off Finlandia Cheese (6oz or more) (ex 5/31/07)

1.00 off 1.2oz or larger Fixodent Adhesive Cream (ex 3/31/07)

0.50 off any Franks Redhot Sauce (ex 5/31/07)

(8) 0.50 off any French's French Fried Onions (ex 7/31/07)

(8) 1.50 off any 2 Freschetta Pizza Products (ex 4/11/07)

1.00 off any 2 Fresh Express Blends or Baby Blends (ex 3/31/07)

0.55 off Frigo Cheesheads cheese snacks (ex 5/31/07)

1.00 off any 2 packages of Friskies Cat Treats by Purina (ex 5/11/07)

1.00 off any (i) 15 5.5 oz cans, or (ii) 2 12ct or (iii) 1 24ct or larger multi/variety pack of Friskies Canned Cat Food OR 10 pouches of Friskies Seared Fillets or Fine Cuts (ex 5/11/07)

1.00 off any Friskies Dry Cat Food 3.15lb or larger (ex 5/11/07)

(8) 1.00 off Garlique or Garlique CardiAssist (ex 4/30/07)

3.00 off any Garnier 100% Color Product (ex 5/31/07)

1.00 off any Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Product (ex 5/31/07)

1.00 of Garner Nutritioniste cleanser or moisturizer (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off any Gas-X product (ex 4/30/07)

1.50 off any GenTeal Gel or Geldrops (ex 5/31/07)

1.00 off any GenTeal Product (ex 5/31/07)

Buy One Get One Free Glade Air Infusions Spray (ex 3/10/07)

0.75 off any Glade Glass Scentes Decorative Air Freshener (ex 3/24/07)

4.00 off any Glade Scented Oil Candles TRIO (ex 3/10/07)

1.00 Glade 4oz Jar Candle or 2 in 1 Candle (ex 3/10/07)

3.00 off any Glade Plugins Scented Oil Light Show starter kit (ex 3/24/07)

3.00 Glade Scented Oil Candlers Holder OR 3 refill packs (ex 3/10/07)

1.00 off any Glade Plugins Scented Oil refills (ex 3/24/07)

(5) 1.00 off a box of Grape-Nuts Trail Mix Crunch Cereal (ex 4/1/07)

1.00 off any Greased Lighting cleaning product (ex 3/31/07)

0.60 off any 3 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables (ex 4/8/07)

0.25 off any Gulden’s Mustard (ex 3/18/07)

(8) 0.55 off any GUM floss, dental assessory or oral pain relief product (ex 4/30/07)

(8) 1.00 off any GUM toothbrush (excluding GUM Dome Trim Toothbrush (ex 4/30/07)

0.75 off any 3 Hamburger/ Chicken or Tuna Helper (ex 4/7/07)

0.50 off Hamburger Helper microwave singles (3/10/07)

0.50 off Hanes Men's & Boys' White T-shirts (ex 6/30/07)

0.55 off any 2 Healthy Choice Soups (ex 4/8/07)

0.50 off any Heluva Good Dip (ex 3/30/07)

Buy One Get One Free of Herbal Essence Haircolor (ex 2/28/07)

1.00 off Herbal Essence Products (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off Herbal Essence Styler (ex 3/31/07)

(2) 1.00 off 3 cans (15oz or larger) of Hormel Chili (ex 3/31/07)

(2) 1.50 off any Hormel fully cooked entrée (ex 3/31/07)

(2) 2.00 off any Hormel Party Tray (ex 3/31/07)

(8) 0.75 off any House of Tsang Product (ex 5/31/07)

(6) 1.00 off any Huggies Cleanteam Product (ex 3/31/07)

(4) 2.00 off any Huggies Bath and Body Product when you buy Baby Wipes (64 ct or larger) (ex 3/31/07)

(5) 0.75 off Hunry-Man or Swanson Frozen Dinners (ex 3/31/07)

0.40 off I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (ex 4/1/07)

1.00 off any ICaps Vitamins (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off 2 International Delights (32oz quarts) (ex 3/31/07)

0.75 off 2 International Delights (16oz pints) (ex 3/31/07)

0.25 off Ivory Body Wash or Bar Bundle (ex 2/28/07)

0.55 off Jiff Peanut Butter (ex 3/31/07)

0.55 off Jiff to go Peanut Butter (3/31/07)

1.00 off any Johnson's baby or buddies product (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off Johnson's soothing naturals product (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off any 3 Joy Ultra Concentrated (ex 3/31/07)

1.0 off any 2 Juicy Juice 100% Juice (ex 4/7/07)

1.00 off any 2 Kandoo Products (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off an 2 Kelloggs Fruit Flavored Snacks (ex 3/25/07)

(2) 0.55 off Kikkoman sauce (8oz or larger) (ex 5/31/07)

1.50 off any Knox Nutrajoint Powders or Glucosamine w/ gelatine Caplets (ex 5/31/07)

3.00 off any Knox Nutrajoint Plus Glucosamine, Chondrotin & MSM Caplets (ex 5/31/07)

1.00 off 2 Kotex Pads or Lightdays pantilinies (40ct or larger) (ex 4/4/07)

1.00 off any Kotex Security Tampons Double Pack or 2 packages (ex 4/4/07)

(2) 0.35 off any Kozy Snack (ex 6/30/07)

1.0 off 2 Kraft Mayonnaise (ex 3/31/07)

(4) 3.00 off any full size K-Y Brand product 2.75 oz or larger (ex 7/31/07)

2.00 off any full size K-Y Brand product 2.75 oz or larger (ex 4/30/07)

5.00 off any L’Oreal Colour Experte

1.00 off L'Oreal Endless or other lipcolour (ex 4/29/07)

2.00 off L'Oreal Preference (ex 4/1/07)

1.00 off L'Oreal Natural Match ex 4/22/07)

(8) 3.00 off any L'Oreal Moisturizer or Treatment Product (ex 5/6/07)

(7) 1.00 off any L'Oreal Moisturizer or Treatment Product (ex 5/6/07)

1.00 off L'Oreal Advanced Revitalift (ex 4/29/07)

(2)1.00 off L'Oreal VivePro Shampoo or Conditioner (ex 4/29/07)

1.00 off L'Oreal VivePro Shampoo or Conditioner (ex 4/1/07)

(8) 1.00 off any L'Oreal VivePro for Men Product (ex 5/6/07)

1.00 off any 2 La Choy Products (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off Land O Lakes Deli Cheese Products 1lb (16oz) or 2 packages of pre-sliced cheese (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off any 2 Land O Lakes Half & Half (pints or quarts) (ex 3/31/07)

0.55 off 2 Land O Lakes Spread (ex 3/24/07)

0.50 off Lipton Tea Bags (ex 4/8/07)

1.00 off any 2 Life Cereal (ex 5/31/07)

1.00 off Life Chocolate Oat Crunch Cereal (ex 5/31/07)

0.75 off any Life Savers Gummies Fruit Splosions (6oz) (ex 3/18/07)

1.00 off any 2 Liquid-Plumr, Formula 409, Pine-Sole or Tilex Product (ex 3/31/07)

(2) 1.00 off Listerine Agent Cool Blue Plaque Detecting Rinse (ex 3/31/07)

0.50 Listerine Pocketpaks Breath Strips or Pocketmist Oral Care Mist any size (ex 3/31/07)

(2) 1.00 off Llloyd’s Barbeque Tub, Ribs or Chi-Chis Taco or Burrito Variety (ex 4/30/07)

(7) 1.00 off 3 packages of any Lunchables Lunch Combinations with drink (ex 4/7/07)

3.00 off any Luvs diaper package, jumbo pack or larger (ex 2/28/07)

(5) 1.00 off any Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner (ex 3/26/07)

(5) 1.00 off any Lysol Food Surface Sanitizer (ex 3/26/07)

(7) Buy 1 Get 1 Free Lysol Neutra Air Aerosol (ex 4/2/07)

1.00 off Lysol Disinfectant Spray (ex 3/17/07)

4.00 off any Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic Starter Kit (ex 3/17/07)

(2) 1.00 off any Lysol All purpose cleaners with Bleach or Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaners (ex 3/5/07)

(2) 1.00 off any Lysol All purpose cleaners with Bleach or Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaners (ex 3/26/07)

1.00 off any Lysol All Purpose Cleaners (ex 3/5/07)

BOGO M&M Dark Chocolate Singles Bag (1.69 oz bag) (ex 5/6/07)

(2) 0.75 off M&M bag of Dark Chocolate candies (14oz) (ex 5/6/07)

0.50 off any 2 Mahatma Rice Mixes (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off any 2 Malt-O-Meal Cereals (ex 2/28/07)

0.40 off any 2 cans of Manwich (ex 3/18/07)

1.00 off one Marie’s (ex 4/21/07)

1.00 off Maybelline Intense XXL or any Mascara (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off Maybelline Expertwear Eyeshadow (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off Maybelline Shine Seduction Glossy Lipcolor OR any New York Lip Product (ex 5/31/07)

2.00 off Maybelline Superstay Silky Foundation OR any New York Foundation, Powder, Blush or Concealer (ex 5/31/07)

0.35 off any Mazola oil product or cooking spray (ex 4/30/07)

BOGO Met-RX Big 100 Bars (ex 5/31/07)

BOGO Met-Rex Protein Plus Bars (ex 5/31/07)

0.50 off any Metamucil Product (ex 2/28/07)

(2) 1.00 off MidNite package (ex 8/31/07)

1.50 off any 2 Mighty Dogs 24 ct variety or multi packs (ex 5/12/07)

Mighty Dogs: Buy 4 pouches or 5.5oz cans get 1 free (ex 5/12/07)

1.00 off 2 Milk-Bone Chewy or Crunchy Treats (ex 3/9/07)

3.00 off 2 Millstone Coffee 10oz or larger prepack OR 1lb or more bulk (ex 3/31/07)

(2) 0.75 off Mitchum or Mitchum for Women Product (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off 2 Mr. Clean Magic Reach Refill products (ex 3/31/07)

(5) 1.00 off Mrs. Dash 10-minute Marinade (ex 4/30/07)

(4) 0.50 off Mrs. Dash Seasoning Blend

0.75 off Mt. Olive Product (ex 3/15/07)

3.00 off Monistat Yeast Infection Treatment (ex 12/31/07)

2.00 off Monistat Soothing Care intimate Care, Coolwipes or Uristat product (ex 12/31/07)

1.00 off Morningstar Farms Veggie food products (ex 3/4/07)

1.00 off Mucinex, MucinexD or MucinexDM (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 of children’s Mucinex (ex 4/30/07)

5.00 off 2 Natural Instincts or Shine Happy boxes (ex 3/31/07)

2.00 off Natural Instincts Hair Color (ex 3/31/07

(5) 1.00 off Nature Made Product (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off 2 bags of Nature Sweet Vine Ripened Cherry Tomatoes (ex 5/31/07)

0.70 off Nature Valley Crunchy Cereal (ex 3/24/07)

1.00 off Neosporin LT Lip Treatment (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off Neosporin Product (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off 2 Nestle Stixx 6-packs (ex 3/31/07)

0.75 off Nestle Treasures Bar (ex 3/31/07)

(7) 1.00 off New Phase Complete (menopause supplement) (ex 4/30/07)

(3) 1.00 off 2 New York product Texas Toast (ex 4/30/07)

0.55 off any Noble juice (ex 3/31/07)

(8) 1.00 off any 2 Nonni's Biscotti (5oz or larger packages) (ex 6/30/07)

(2) 0.75 off any Diet Ocean Spray Juce Drink (1 liter size) (ex 4/30/07)

(5) 0.75 off any Old English Product (ex 4/29/07)

1.00 off 2 Old Spice Anti-Perspirant, Deodarant, Body Spray or Body Wash (3/31/07)

30.00 off Onetouch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System (ex 4/30/07)

30.00 off Onetouch Ultrasoft Blood Glucose Monitoring System (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off any 2 Ortega Products (ex 2/28/07)

BOGO Oust Air Sanitizer 10 oz (excludes mini air sanitizer) (ex 3/10/07)

Oust: Buy fan Get Refill free (ex 3/10/07)

1.00 off any Pampers Diapers jumbo pack or larger (ex 3/31/07)

2.00 off any Pampers Easy Ups or Feel 'n Learn jumbo pack or larger (ex 3/31/07)

1.50 off any Pampers Easy Ups or Feel 'n Learn jumbo pack or larger (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off any 2 Pantene Product (ex 3/31/07)

0.50 off Paul Newman Salad Dressing 8oz or 16oz (ex 4/30/07)

(8) 1.50 off any PediaCare Product (ex 5/31/07)

1.00 off any bag of Pedigree dry food (8.8lb or larger) (ex 4/22/07)

1.50 off Pedigree Super Chew Snack Food for Dogs (ex 4/22/07)

1.00 off any Pedigree snacks and treats (ex 4/22/07)

0.75 off 10 cans or pouches of Pedigree wet food (ex 4/22/07)

1.00 off People Magazine Style Watch February Issue (ex 2/19/07)

0.55 off Pepperidge Farm Frozen Breads (ex 4/1/07)

1.00 off 2 Pepto-Bismol (ex 3/31/07)

(8) 1.00 off 2 packages of Philadelphia Soft, Whipped, Cream Swirls or Jammin Swirls Cream Cheese Spread, any variety (ex 3/11/07)

0.25 off any Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (ex 4/21/07)

0.25 off any Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (ex 3/24/07)

0.30 off any 2 Pillsbury Grand Biscuits or Perfect Portion Biscuits (ex 4/21/07)

0.50 off any Pillsbury Oven Baked Biscuits or Dinner Rolls (ex 4/21/07)

0.50 off any 2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough (except Shape & Ready to Bake Cookies) (ex 4/21/07)

0.50 off any Pillsbury Refrigerated Create 'n Bake Cookie Dough or Refrigerated Brownie Batter (ex 4/21/07)

0.30 off Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grand Sweet Rolls (ex 4/21/07)

0.30 off Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grand Sweet Rolls (ex 3/24/07)

Free Pledge Duster Plus start kit with mail-in rebate (ex 4/15/07)

1.00 off Pledge Furniture Care Product (ex 3/10/07)

1.00 off Pledge Multi-Surface Clean & Dust Product (ex 3/10/07)

3.00 off Pledge Duster Plus Starter Kit (ex 3/10/07)

1.00 off Pledge Wood Floor Cleaner (ex 3/10/07)

1.00 off Pledge Dry Dusting Cloth pack (ex 3/10/07)

(8) 2.00 off 2 Poise Panties, Poise Pads or Three Liners (ex 4/8/07)

0.75 off any Poligrip Comfort Seal Strips or Cream (ex 2/24/07)

(3) 1.00 of POM Tea, Lychee Green Tea or Peach Passion White Tea (46oz) (ex 4/15/07)

0.50 off 2 boxes of PopSecret (ex 3/24/07)

(3) 1.00 off any 2 Post Cereals (ex 3/3/07)

(3) 1.00 of any 2 Post Kids Cereals (ex 3/3/07)

(2) 1.00 off any Prilosec OTC (ex 2/28/07)

1.00 off any Prilosec OTC (ex 3/31/07)

3.00 off any Prilosec OTC (ex 2/28.07)

1.00 off any 4 Progresso Soups and/or Breadcrumbs

1.00 off any Promise Take Control Spread (ex 5/5/07)

1.00 off any 2 Promise Spreads (ex 5/5/07)

5.00 off any Pur Facet Mount or Pitcher (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 of any Pur Replacement Filter product (ex 4/30/07)

Purina Busy Bone: Buy 1 6oz or larger Purina Beggin, and get 7oz Purina Busy Bone Free (ex 3/25/07)

1.00 off Purina Beggin Chew (ex 4/15/07)

FREE Purina Cat Chow Naturals 16oz pouch OR save 1.89 off 3.15lb bag or larger (4/8/07)

1.50 off Purina Dog Chow Naturally Complete with Vitamins & Minerals 3.5lb or larger (ex 3/23/07)

2.50 off any 17.6lb or larger bag of Purina (i) Dog Chow, (ii) Little Bites Indoor Complete, (iii) Dog Chow Healthy Morsels (iv) Dog Chow Senior 7+, (v) Fit & Trim Healthy Weight, or (vi) Puppy Chow (ex 3/23/07)

1.50 off any 4lb or larger bag of Purina (i) Dog Chow, (ii) Little Bites Indoor Complete, (iii) Dog Chow Healthy Morsels (iv) Dog Chow Senior 7+, (v) Fit & Trim Healthy Weight, or (vi) Puppy Chow (ex 3/23/07)

1.50 off any 2 Purina Mighty Dogs 24 ct variety or multi packs (ex 5/12/07)

Purina Mighty Dogs: Buy 4 pouches or 5.5oz cans get 1 free (ex 5/12/07)

1.50 off Purina One Kitten or Adult Cat Food (any size) (ex 4/28/07)

1.50 off Purina One Puppy or Adult Dog Food (any size) (ex 4/28/07)

1.00 off any Purina Tidy Cats cat litter (ex 6/30/07)

0.50 off Quaker Weight Control instant oatmeal (ex 4/8/07)

(2) 3.00 off any 2 Refresh Brand Products (ex 6/30/07)

(2) 1.00 off any Refresh Brand Product (ex 6/30/07)

5.00 off Rembrandt Whitestrips (14ct) or 2-Hour White & other kits (ex 3/31/07)

2.00 off Rembrandt product (ex 3/31/07)

(4) 0.55 off 3 Renuzit Adjustables (ex 5/15/07)

(4) 1.00 off 2 Renuzit Car Starter Kits or Refills (ex 5/15/07)

(8) 1.00 off any Revlon Color Cosmetic Product or Super Lustrous Lip Product (ex 5/31/07)

0.50 off Reynolds Wrap Release Non-Stick Foil (ex 4/1/07)

(2) Ritz Handi-Snacks: Buy 4 Get 1 Free of single serve snack packs (ex 2/25/07)

1.00 off Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-in-1 Treatment (ex 4/4/07)

1.00 off Schick Disposable 4ct or larger (ex 3/25/07)

0.50 off Scope, 500ml or larger (ex 2/28/07)

1.00 off Scope, 500ml or larger (ex 3/31/07)

0.35 off Scott Extra Soft or 1000 Tissue 4-pack or larger (ex 4/15/07)

1.00 off Scotties 5 boxes or 2 multipack facial tissues (ex 5/31/07)

5.00 off Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Starter Kit (ex 3/10/07)

2.00 off 2 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Refills (ex 3/10/07)

1.00 of Selsun Blue Shampoo (ex 4/21/07)

2.00 off Selsun Salon Shampoo (ex 4/21/07)

1.50 off Serenity Underwear Super Plus and Ultra Plus absorbencies (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off any Serenity Ultimate Pads (ex 4/30/07)

Buy One Get One Free Sheba Premium Cuts (at Petsmart) (ex 5/31/07)

(9) 5.00 off Similac Organic Infant Formula (ex 3/31/07)

(4) 1.00 off Similasan Earache Relief Drops (ex 5/30/07)

1.00 off any 2 Simply Asia Products (ex 5/30/07)

(1) 2.00 off Slim Fast Easy to Digest Ready to Drink Multi-pack (ex 3/17/07)

(1) 1.00 off Slim Fast High Protein Ready to Drink Multi-pack (ex 3/17/07)

0.40 off any Smart Balance Trans-Fat Free Deluxe Microwave Popcorn (ex 3/31/07)

0.40 off Smart Beat Low Carb, Low Calorie, Fat Free Cheese (ex 3/31/07)

0.40 off Smart Beat Fat Free Squeeze Margarine, Super Light Margarine or Fat Free Mayonnaise (ex 3/31/07)

0.55 off 2 Smuckers Jams, Jellies, Preserves or Fruit Spreads (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off 2 Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off Snickers Game Ball Cake or any 32 fl oz or larger cake (ex 3/15/07)

1.00 off Softsoap Body Wash (ex 2/24/07)

1.00 off 3 Softsoap Liquid Hand Soaps (ex 2/24/07)

1.00 off Softsoap Nutra Oil Body Wash (ex 2/24/07)

1.00 off Sparkle Paper Towels 2 8-Roll or 2 4-Double Rolls (ex 4/18/07)

0.55 off Splenda Sweetner product (ex 4/30/07)

(4) 1.00 off Springer Mountain Farms Fresh Chicken (ex 6/30/07)

0.50 off 3 Stonyfield Farm Light Yogurt 6oz cups (ex 4/30/07)

1.00 off Suave Body Wash (ex 3/25/07)

1.00 off any 2 Suave Hair Care products (ex 3/25/07)

1.00 off Suave Hand & Body Lotion (ex 3/25/07)

(3) 1.00 off 2 Success Ready to Serve Rice Products (ex 4/28/07)

(2) 0.35 off any Success Rice product (ex 4/28/07)

(3) 2.00 off Sucrets Defense product (ex 5/31/07)

(8) 1.50 off any Sudacare Product (ex 5/1/07)

(8) 1.00 off any Sudafed or Sudafed PE Product (ex 5/1/07)

(8) 1.00 off any Sudafed PE Multi-Symptom Product (ex 5/1/07)

1.00 off any Sue Bee Honey and Aunt Sue's Product (ex 5/1/07)

1.00 off Swiffer Dusters Starter Kit (ex 2/28/07)

0.50 off Swiffer Wetjet Refill (ex 2/28/07)

(8) 1.00 off 3 Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix (ex 3/31/07)

2.00 off Systane Lubricant Eye Drops (ex 5/31/07)

(5) 1.00 off 2 Swanson or Hungry-Man Frozen Dinners (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off Texturize! product (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off Theraflu product (ex 3/31/07)

(2) 0.55 off 2 Tic Tac Single Packs or Multi Packs (ex 4/30/07)

(2) 0.50 off 2 Tic Tac Bold! Single or Multi Packs (ex 4/30/07)

0.40 off Totinos Rolls Snacks or Mega Rolls Snacks (ex 4/7/07)

1.00 off Triaminic Infant Thin Strips (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off any Triaminic product (ex 3/31/07)

0.75 off Tysons 17-oz package of Heat N’ Eat Entrees (ex 3/31/07)

0.55 off Tysons Frozen Boxed Item

1.00 off any 2 pouches of Uncle Bens Ready Rice Family Size (ex 5/6/07)

1.00 off any 3 pouches of Uncle Bens Ready Rice (8.8 oz) (ex 5/6/07)

(5) 0.50 off any 2 V8 Splash (ex 4/30/07)

0.40 off Valley Fresh Chicken Product (ex 3/31/07)0.40 off Vlasic Pickles, Peppers or Relish (ex 3/25/07)

1.50 off Vaseline Intenstive Rescue Body Lotion Product (200ml or larger) (ex 3/11/07)

1.00 off Vaseline Intensive Care Product (200 ml or larger) (except Renewal or Glow) (ex 3/11/07)

1.00 off Vaseline Healthy Body Glow or Renewal Product (200ml or larger) (ex 3/11/07)

(8) 1.00 off bag of Weaver Chicken (ex 7/31/07)

(7) 1.00 off 2 boxes of Weaver Chicken (ex 7/31/07)

1.00 off 4 Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen desserts (ex 3/18/07)

(2) 1.00 off any 6 Weight Watchers yogurt cups (ex 5/31/07)

(8) 1.00 off any 2 Welch's Grape Juices (46, 64 or 96oz) (ex 5/15/07)

1.00 off 2 Whiskas Lickins (ex 3/11/07)

1.00 off 2 Whiskas Temptations treats (ex 4/22/07)

Buy One Get One Free Wishkas Purrfectly Fish (at Petsmart) (ex 5/31/07)

1.00 off Windex Original Glass Cleaner (ex 3/10/07)

1.00 off Windex Wipes pack (ex 3/10/07)

1.00 off Windex Multi-surface cleaner (ex 3/10/07)

1.00 off any 2 Wrigley's 17-stick packs or 1 10-pack of Big Red, Juicy Fruit, Spearmint, Doublemint or Winterfresh Gum (ex 4/14/07)

1.00 off any Woolite Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (ex 4/30/07)

(3) 0.50 off Yoplait Trix or Kids Yogurt multipack (ex 3/31/07)

1.00 off Zantac 75 or 150 8ct or larger (ex 4/30/07)

(7) 0.50 off Zatarain's Ready-to-Serve Complete Meal (ex 4/30/07)

(7) 0.50 off Zatarain's Rice Mix, Pasta Mix or Ready-to-Serve Side (ex 4/30/07)

0.35 off Zest Body Wash or Bar Bundle (ex 2/28/07)

Store Coupons:

Restaurant Coupons:

Bennigans: 4.99 Half Pound Angus Burgers (ex 3/15/07)

Bennigans: 9.99 Fire Grilled 10oz Top Sirloin (ex 3/15/07)

Bennigans: 5.00 off $15 or more purchase (ex 3/15/07)

(16) Boston Market: 1.00 off any individual Meal or Carver Combo (ex 3/25/07)

(8) Boston Market: 2.00 off any $10 purchase (ex 3/25/07)

(8) Boston Market: 4.00 off $20 purchase (ex 3/25/07)

(9) QUIZNOS: 2.00 off any regular or large sub OR 1.00 off any small sub (ex 3/4/07)

5.00 off any 2 dinner entrees at Ruby Tuesday (ex 2/27/07)

(3) 4.00 off dinner for 2 at Smokey Bones (ex 4/1/07)

(3) 3.00 off Lunch for 2 at Smokey Bones (ex 4/1/07)

(2) 5.00 off food purchase of $15 or + at Uno Chicago Grill (ex 4/1/07)

My needs change often, so if you don't see something on my wishlist that you have but see something I have available that you want, email me anyway and we can work something out.

Send me an email at [email protected] if you want to make a trade!


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ISO baby coupons

I can always use coupons for:

Stonyfield organic yogurt
Gerber teething biscuits or cookies
Kleenex, Puffs, Bounty, Scott towels, Northern quilted
Lysol cleaners
Venus shavers or replacement blades (free or $1)
Deodorant ($1+)
Pampers, Huggies, Luvs coupons ($1.50+)

Willing to trade for stamps or coupons.

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Hi everyone, I'm new here but not a newbie to couponing. I have lots of insert and non insert coupons to trade. I also have MIR forms, just let me know what you're looking for.

I'm IDSO formula checks, can use even expired checks but not coupons. Can't use organic kind of formula. I prefer the ones that say good on any Similac, Enfamil or Nestle Good Start. I'd rather trade coupon for coupon and I'm generous with trades especially if I have the ones on your WL. Thanks for looking and hope we can trade.
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