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I am new to this site too. I want very much to get some Quaker oatmeal (reg) coupons as it is time for me to buy oatmeal again. I have some Better Oats coupons, but nowhere around here to buy them, does anybody know where they can be found? My need for coupons is small (I am 75, live alone, cook mainly veggie for myself) but I have loads to trade. Mostly I buy Dollar General brands but if names are on sale and a good deal, I like to get them. I like Scott's bath tissue, a thousand flushes, and it will be time for me to buy that again soon. I have loads of coupons to trade; I am like Stace and don't know how to go about it. My emails is on record I believe, but I don't mind if it's out there: [email protected]. Then you can email me and I can send you my snail address. Wouldn't mind stamps to trade either. What do you do and how much do you consider worth a 47cent stamp?

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I have some extra Pampers & Huggies coupons. PM me your address and I will mail them ASAP :)

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most importantly to me...

Pampers diapers & wipes
Enfamil Premium Infant, Enfamil A.R., & store brand equivalents

I regularly get coupons for Huggies, Luvs, Similac, and Good Start that I like to trade for the kinds I use.

other stuff I might be interested in...

Coffee Mate
Toilet paper
Dish soap
children's/infant's tylenol/motrin, etc
Desitin, A&D, etc
Baby wash / lotions
Eucerin & other eczema creams
breakfast cereals

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most importantly to me...

Pampers diapers & wipes
Enfamil Premium Infant, Enfamil A.R., & store brand equivalents

I regularly get coupons for Huggies, Luvs, Similac, and Good Start that I like to trade for the kinds I use.

other stuff I might be interested in...

Coffee Mate
Toilet paper
Dish soap
children's/infant's tylenol/motrin, etc
Desitin, A&D, etc
Baby wash / lotions
Eucerin & other eczema creams
breakfast cereals
Email me your snail mail and I'll drop 2 Pampers $1.50 x 4/30 coupons to you.

[email protected]


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I have lots of coupons that I don't need, so willing to trade. Just let me know what your looking for :) I'm looking for:

Velveeta shells and cheese
Angel Soft toilet paper
Arm and hammer laundry detergent
Hamburger helper
Any pasta and/or pasta sauce
Any meat coupons
herbal essences shampoo
any body wash coupons
cereal of any kind
Yogurt (prefer chobani or yoplait)

This is just a few to give an idea. Feel free to suggest others :) I prefer using coupons I only have to buy one of unless it's worth buying two.

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I am looking for fancy feast and arm and hammer cat litter coupons. I am pretty sure that PetSmart is getting hip to me removing the coupons on the cans and I can't do it anymore. A&H has a site that is hit and miss on printing. I can trade or send stamps for the coupons.

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I have oodles of coupons, I just gave some to my daughter. Has anyone checked out this website called living well spending les, it it free to join, also on their websit saving more spending less you are tought about coupons and matchup with your store.

email me at [email protected] and see about trading, etc. I get oodles from friends and the newspapers. On Sunday the local paper is still $.50.

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I am having to supplement DS with formula so I am looking for Enfamil Checks. I don't have much to trade, but it's worth a shot to check and I might have something you need!


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I'm still going through what I can use and what I have (I hope, to be able to pick up a couple Sunday papers, still at Walmart tomorrow fingers crossed a couple left at least, I hope, we'll see).
Are we to put what we are looking for, have, or both? Seems others wouldn't know unless, we add both, is that right?

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newport cigarette coupons about $20 in $1.50 off coupons. trade for camel coupons.

newport cigarette coupons about $20 in $1.50 off coupons. trade for camel coupons.
A-1 Steak sauce/marinade – MrsMcDowell
A & W rootbeer - schellie69
Adidas Deoderant (female) - MrsMcDowell
Advil & Tylenol - KimSecret
All clear-liquid laundry soap – KimSecret
All laundry detergent - wendy
Always pantyliners – KimSecret
Amys Kitchen canned soups and frozen products - armywife2002
Angel Soft - Couponchic, Livenbemerry
Annies organic mac & cheese – armywife2002
Any: air freshners - Shellshome
Any: antiwrinkle products – Livenbemerry
Any: applesauce – danceswduckys, ecgsmama
Any: baby lotion - cheappearls
Any: babywash - cheappearls
Any: bagged salads - napswithcats
Any: baking staples – schellie69
Any: BBQ sauce - danceswduckys
Any: body wash w/ moisturizers - schellie69
Any: boxed drink – Kimsecret
Any: bread – FrugalMomof3, Lady V
Any: bread mix – Lady V
Any: brownie mix – leera
Any: butter, heart healthy type - Goodwin17
Any: cake mix – smk0817, Lady V, leera
Any: canned fruit – crazyBMB, schellie69
Any: canned fruit pie filling - crazyBMB
Any: canned juice - schellie69
Any: cat food – chatterweb
Any: cat litter - Shellshome
Any: cat toys - chatterweb
Any: cereal- KimSecret, Livenbemerry, smk0817
Any: cheese – leera
Any: coffee pods - crazyBMB
Any: cookie mix- smk0817, Lady V
Any: cooking oils - schellie69
Any: cooking spray – schellie69
Any: disposable razors - Gwyn
Any dog chews/rawhide - chatterweb
Any: dog food – chatterweb
Any: dog toys - chatterweb
Any: diaper wipes - MrsMcDowell
Any: diapers – MrsMcDowell
Any: dish soap - cheappearls
Any: dishwashing detergent - cheappearls
Any: disposable lady razors – KimSecret
Any: dryer sheets - schellie69
Any: fabric softener – schellie69
Any: fast food coupons – chatterweb
Any: free product - napswithcats
Any: frosting- smk0817
Any: frozen diet dinner – chatterweb
Any: frozen pancakes - Goodwin17
Any: frozen vegetables – Gwyn, Lady V
Any: frozen juice – schellie69
Any: fruit snacks - danceswduckys
Any: graham crackers - danceswduckys
Any: haircolor – Livenbemerry
Any: halogen lightbulbs - ecgsmama
Any: kitty litter – KimSecret
Any: laundry detergent – wendy
Any: liquid nondairy creamer - danceswduckys
Any: mac & cheese - FrugalMomof3
Any: makeup – Livenbemerry
Any: meat - leera
Any: mexican food items – Livenbemerry
Any: microwave popcorn - danceswduckys
Any: muffin mix - leera
Any: natural cereals – Maisedotes
Any: natural cooking spray - crazyBMB
Any: natural foods – Maisedotes
Any: organic products – armywife2002, Gwyn
Any: organic milk – napswithcats
Any: packaged salad - danceswduckys
Any: paper towels – FrugalMomof3, Goodwin17
Any: pasta – cheappearls, crazyBMB, FrugalMomof3, Goodwin17
Any: pasta sauce – cheappearls, FrugalMomof3, Goodwin17
Any: pizza rolls – wendy
Any: popsicles - danceswduckys
Any: potato chips - danceswduckys
Any: pudding – ecgsmama
Any: pudding cups – Lady V
Any: rebate forms for food/beverage – catguy 25
Any: refried beans – danceswduckys
Any: rice pouch (microwave) - Goodwin17
Any: salad dressings – Livenbemerry
Any: shave gels - Gwyn
Any: shaving cream – schellie69
Any: snack packs – ecgsmama
Any: self-tanner (w/ or w/out moisterizer) – Gwyn
Any: sour cream - danceswduckys
Any: soy milk - Maisedotes
Any: soy cheese – Maisedotes
Any: spaghetti sauce – Livenbemerry
Any: taco shells - Gwyn
Any: tofu – Maisedotes
Any: toilet paper - FrugalMomof3
Any: toothbrushes – KimSecret
Any: toothpaste – schellie69
Any: tortillas – danceswduckys
Any: training pants - cheappearls
Any: vegetables – Livenbemerry
Any: whole grain - Gwyn
Any: whole grain pasta – schellie69
Aquafresh toothpaste - armywife2002
Aquaphor - Mom22grls
Aunt Jemima Waffles – AmyBoz
Aveeno products – danceswduckys, Livenbemerry
Axe Deodarant - MrsMcDowell
Axe BodyWash – cheappearls, MrsMcDowell
Axe- mens body spray, mens body wash – KimSecret
Axe products - cheappearls

Banquet homestyle bakes - Gwyn
Barilla – Gwyn
Beechnut babyfood – danceswduckys
Beneful dry dog food – crazyBMB, Goodwin17
Best Foods mayonaisse - danceswduckys
Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes- AmyBoz
Birdseye steam fresh - crazyBMB
Blue Bell icecream – KimSecret
Boboli - crazyBMB
Bocaburger – Maisedotes
Bounce dryer sheets - Shellshome
Breyers Ice Cream- AmyBoz, danceswduckys, napswithcats
Butterbuds – summer breeze
Butternut bread- couponchic

Campbells select soups - danceswduckys
Campbells Soups - Livenbemerry
Capri Sun – KimSecret
Caress body wash - Mattswife
Carnation coffeemate liquid creamer – KimSecret
Cascadian Forms organic granola – armywife2002
Cheerios - leera
Cheez-Its – Gwyn
Claritin - Gwyn
Degree womens deodorant
Chapstick – KimSecret
Charmin toilet paper - wendy
Cheerios- AmyBoz
Clif bars - armywife2002
Clorox wipes- KimSecret, smk0817
Coke products- CouponChic, Gwyn, Livenbemerry, MrsMcDowell
Colgate toothpaste - KimSecret
Cottonelle Toilet Paper- AmyBoz, Goodwin17, KimSecret, schellie69
Covergirl compact - ecgsmama
Crest renewal - Livenbemerry
Crest toothpaste – KimSecret
Crest whitestrips - Livenbemerry

Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt- AmyBoz
Dawn dishwashing liquid – KimSecret, schellie69
DelMonte products – Livenbemerry
DelMonte spaghetti sauce – ecgsmama
DelMonte vegetables – Mattswife
Denali ice cream - danceswduckys
Dial foam hand soap – KimSecret
Dial soap – Livenbemerry
Diet Pepsi - danceswduckys
Doritos chips – Gwyn, Livenbemerry
Dole fresh express - crazyBMB
Dole products - crazyBMB
Dove bodywash – schellie69
Dove: conditioners, shampoos, soaps - kimsecret, MrsMcDowell
Dove deodorant – armywife2002, danceswduckys
Downey – cheappearls, Shellshome
Dreyers ice cream - danceswduckys
Duncan Hines brownies – ecgsmama
Duncan Hines frosting - ecgsmama
Dr.Pepper - KimSecret

Edge shave gel – Mattswife
Edy's whole fruit popsicles - armywife2002
Eggo Waffles- CouponChic, KimSecret

Fahreheit for women – Livenbemerry
Fantastic - crazyBMB
Febreeze allergen reducer – Gwyn
Febreeze products - Livenbemerry
Folgers coffee – KimSecret, Livenbemerry
Francisco Rinaldi pasta sauce - napswithcats
Freshexpress salad mixes – armywife2002, Mattswife, schellie69, summer breeze
Friskies dry cat food - leera
Fritos - Gwyn

Gain laundry detergent-smk0817
Gardenburger – Maisiedotes
Garnier Fructis hair products – Mattswife
Gatorade - Shellshome
Gerber baby food – danceswduckys
Glade whisp - Shellshome
Goodnites – ecgsmama

HP printer ink - schellie69
Hamburger Helper- danceswduckys, Livenbemerry, MrsMcDowell
Hawaiian Punch - Shellshome
Head & Shoulders shampoo -KimSecret
Healthy Choice frozen dinners - Gwyn
Healthy Choice products – Livenbemerry
Hebrew National hotdogs - napswithcats
Heinz ketchup- couponchic
Helleman's mayo - danceswduckys
Herbal Essences body wash – MrsMcDowell
Honey Bunches of Oats cereal - leera
Huggies, any - Mom22grls
Huggies Supreme – Mom22grls
Huggies wipes - cheappearls
Hunts ketchup- smk0817
Hunts spaghetti sauce - livenbemerry

Iams dog food – Gwyn, smk0817
I Cant Believe Its Not Butter- couponchic
Idahoan mashed potatoes - Mattswife
International delight coffee creamer - schellie69
Intutition blades - schellie69

Jello - schellie69
Jimmy Dean breakfasts - MrsMcDowell
Jimmy Dean sausage,egg,biscuits - KimSecret
Juicy Juice- ecgsmama, Livenbemerry, smk0817

Kashi products - danceswduckys
Kashi crackers - armywife2002
Kelloggs cereal- AmyBoz, danceswduckys, napswithcats
Kelloggs frosted mini wheats – Mattswife
Kelloggs movie lover certificates - Mattswife
Kelloggs raisin bran crunch – Mattswife
Kelloggs smart start - Gwyn
Kleenex – Livenbemerry
Kool-aid – schellie69
Kotex pads - napswithcats
Kotex products - FrugalMomof3
Kraft cheese – KimSecret, Liven
Kraft mac n cheese – danceswduckys, Livenbemerry, Shellshome
Kraft salad dressing - Mattswife

Land o lakes butter or margarine - schellie69
Lays chips - KimSecret, Livenbemerry
Lays Potato Chips- AmyBoz, Mattswife
Lean Cuisine frozen dinners - Gwyn
Lean Cuisine meals - Livenbemerry
Life Cereal- AmyBoz, leera
Lipton side dishes - KimSecret, Livenbemerry
Lipton soups – Livenbemerry
Li;pton tea mix - crazyBMB
Little Bites indoor complete - leera
Little debbie snack cake – KimSecret, Livenbemerry
Luzianne tea bags -KimSecret

Mach 3 blades
Mahatma Rice Mixes -Livenbemerry, smk0817
Malt-o-meal cereal – ecgsmama, schellie69
Maranatha organic nut butters – armywife2002
Marlboro cigs – KimSecret, Livenbemerry, schellie69
Martha White muffin mix- CouponChic
McCormick extracts - armywife2002
McCormick seasoning – armywife2002, Livenbemerry
Meow mix cat food – KimSecret
Millstone coffee – schellie69
Minute Maid orange juice - cheappearls
Minute Rice- AmyBoz
Morningstar products – chatterweb, Maisiedotes
Motts apple sauce - ecgsmama
Mt. Dew – cheappearls, schellie69, wendy

Nabisco fat free fig newtons – Mattswife
Nature Valley granola – Mattswife
Nature Valley granola bars - armywife2002
Near East couscous - armywife2002
Neosporin - KimSecret
New York toast brand breadsticks/garlic bread- couponchic
Newmans organics - napswithcats
Newport cigarettes – FrugalMomof3
Noyolks noodles - crazyBMB
Nyquil - KimSecret

Oil of Olay body wash - schellie69
Olay regenerist – Livenbemerry
Organic valley butter, cheese, milk - armywife2002
Orowheat bread – Mattswife
Oscar Meyer center cut bacon – armywife2002
Oust air sanitizer spray - crazyBMB

Palmolive dish soap - armywife2002
Pampers diapers- AmyBoz
Panara bread – Gwyn
Pepperridge Farm products - crazyBMB
Pepperridge Farm frozen bread - leera
Pepsi products:
Couponchic, FrugalMomof3, Goodwin17, Kimsecret, Livenbemerry, MrsMcDowell,
Pop Tarts- KimSecret, Livenbemerry, smk0817
Prego- couponchic- AmyBoz, MrsMcDowell
Progresso soups – MrsMcDowell
Pullups - cheappearls
Purina Dog Chow complete nutrition - armywife2002
Purina Dog Chow healthy morsels- couponchic, leera

Ragu- Amyboz, Couponchic, gwyn, MrsMcDowell
Red Baron pizza – Livenbemerry
Right Guard deodorant - danceswduckys
Right Guard Xtreme deodorant- couponchic
Ritz chips - Mattswife
Ruffles potato chips - Mattswife

Scott paper towels- AmyBoz
Scott toilet paper – armywife2002, Gwyn
Skinny Cow - danceswduckys
Skintimate shave gel – Mattswife
Skippy peanut butter - Mattswife
Slimfast products – Livenbemerry
Slimfast ultima shakes – Mattswife
Soy milk - Gwyn
Sparkle – couponchic
Special K granola – Mattswife
St Ives apricot scrub - Gwyn
St joseph asprin- smk0817
Stonyfield organic yogurt - armywife2002
Stroehman – ecgsmama
Suave body wash - Mattswife
Suave conditioner - Mom22grls
Suave hair products - KimSecret
Suave products- couponchic, Goodwin17
Suave shampoo – Mattswife, Mom22grls
Suave soap - danceswduckys
Subway restaurant – Gwyn
Suddenly Salad - danceswduckys
Sunny D - KimSecret
Swiffer pads and refills - MrsMcDowell, smk0817

Tampax compact - Mom22grls
Tampax pearl tampons – MrsMcDowell
Tapax products - FrugalMomof3
Tampax tampons – KimSecret, Livenbemerry, Mom22grls
Target diapers and formula – danceswduckys
Thomas' muffins - crazyBMB
Tonys pizza - ecgsmama
Totinos pizza – Livenbemerry
Tide - cheappearls
TideHE – Mom22grls
Tide (no bleach) – summer breeze
Tide powder - Mattswife
Tide products – Livenbemerry, Shellshome
Tidy Cats cat litter - leera
Triscuits - Gwyn
Tropicana Pure Premium OJ – Mom22grls
Tuna pouches – Gwyn, Shellshome
Tylenol, children's - danceswduckys
Tyson products - Gwyn

Uncle Bens rice – Gwyn
Uncle Bens microwave - Goodwin17

Velveeta cheese – Livenbemerry, Mom22grls
Venus blades – armywife2002, schellie69
Venus razors - cheappearls
Viactiv - Gwyn
Viva paper towel - Gwyn

Weight Watchers Ice Cream Treats- AmyBoz
Weight Watchers Optima meal replacement bars- AmyBoz
Weight Watchers Smart ones- AmyBoz
Weight Watchers Snacks- AmyBoz
Whitecloud diapers (Walmart) - cheappearls
White Lily muffin mix- Couponchic

Yoplait light yogurt
Yoplait yogurt- AmyBoz

Zatarins rice – danceswduckys, Livenbemerry
Zatarins rice microwave - Goodwin17

409 - crazyBMB

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I'm looking for Prego, toothbrushes, candy, eggo waffles, laughing cow cheese, penne pasta, paper towels, toilet paper, dove deodorant, Hand soap and dish soap and tide detergent , soft drinks, heinz ketchup, a1 sauce, woshershire sauce , kraft bbq sauce, velveeta shells and cheese, starkist tuna packets, lays chips, wheat thins,and v8 fusion juice :)

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I am ISO:

-Juicy Juice
-Mahatma Rice Mixes
-Hunts ketchup
-Iams dog food (dry, not pouches) for adult dog
-Gain laundry detergent
-Swiffer pads and refills
-Clorox wipes
-any cake mixes, frostings, or cookie mixes
-Pop Tarts
-any cereals
-St. Joseph's aspirin

Am willing to trade coupons or send stamps!
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