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Ok. dh and I had a great sit down tonight(see success stories if you're curious) and we've decided to get a little creative.

Dh has been buying craft kits from the Dollar store, great little crafts, last 10 minutes. So it's pricey, even though it's "only" $1. This weekend, dh sat down with dd9 and made a great project. I was in shock to see dh crafting, but I got in on it And she had a great project. We used a white case from a dvd that we got from freecycle(a case of them!). DD is really into dogs right now since we got our puppy. So she wanted to make a light switch plate. So we traced the size of the plate on a paper, then cut out a shape of a bone. Then she glued bits of colored paper, and then put a decent size picture(printed at home) of her puppy on it, and some random dogs cut out from magazines. We then used funtak to secure it on her switch. It looks very cute. It's a hardy project, and she took over an hour to do it. She wanted it to look good. I'll post a pic of the finished project tomorrow if anyone is interested.

So we want other ideas that can be made from recycled materials or commonly found materials. We want to put together kits for the kids to do. I'm going to get some dollar store zipper bags to hold them.

Our kids are ages 4, 9, 11, 14(boy). She's got a book from the library, from which I'll take more ideas, but FV is such a great resource that I thought I'd ask, as FV"ers, know the value in doing it free whenever
1 - 4 of 4 Posts