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How about sharing your frugal memories of spring and your ideas for creating new memories in the future?

Here's 20 ideas to get you started:

1) Visit the flowers - go looking for the best display of daffodils, tulips and other spring flowers.

2) Watch for Easter festivities (if you celebrate it) from the park district, church, schools, etc.

3) Stage your own Easter egg hunt in the park or your backyard. Making colored easter eggs is not hard!! Alternative use inexpesive plastic eggs and hide small treats for your children to find.

4) See if one of the local park districts or forest preserves offers maple syrup days and taps their own trees.

5) Go and visit baby bunnies and chicks!

6) Grow plants from seeds. Good choices to do with kids are: carrots, sunflowers, zucchini, marigolds, four o'clocks (watch the flowers close at 4:00 in the summer!), etc. Check out some children's gardening books (like Roots and Shoots, Buckets & Boots) for great ideas for things like a pizza garden, sunflower fort and more.

7) Go exploring for signs of spring - check for witch hazel blooms, unfurling hostas poking up through the brown soil, etc.

8) Get your umbrellas and go walking in the rain (not during lightening storms of course). Jump in a puddle! Smile

9) Listen for bird calls, which will be increasing as birds return from migrating and start looking for mates. Can you identify the birds by their calls? Help the birds by building a birdhouse - it's not a hard project. You can also create a wreath made of nesting materials (dried grasses, small scraps of yarn and twine, etc.). and hang it in the back yard to encourage birds to nest in your yard.

10) Find a pick your own asparagus farm or consider planting some in an out of the way area of your yard.

11) Go fly a kite!

12) Make a May Pole and have a ribbon dance.

13) Play ding dong ditch - the old fashioned way... pick a small posy of flowers (like violets) that are growing wild (please - NOT out of other people's gardens of course), leave them on a doorstep and ring the doorbell, then run and hide. Smile

14) Make craft projects for the various minor holidays, like Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, April Fools Day, etc.

15) Have a Spring Fever Party!!! Consider making it a block party and get to know your neighbors.

16) Bake flower shaped cookies.

17) Make homemade stepping stones for your backyard and have the kids personalize them. You can use a clean pizza box as a mold or an empty one gallon ice cream container from the ice cream store.

18) Go out at night and listen for the spring peepers / frogs.

19) Make a chalk hopscotch board on the sidewalk and play with your kids.

20) Visit a flea market and have a contest to see who can find the best bargain for $1.
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