Just because you don't have a large backyard doesn't mean that you can't have a garden. In fact, you can create a beautiful and thriving garden with no outdoor space whatsoever! What is the secret? Container gardening!

Keep reading to learn more about this gardening trend and how to do it.

Benefits of Container Gardens

Gardening is a very therapeutic activity as long as you don't overextend yourself. If you'd like to get into gardening but you want to start off small, a container garden might be the way to go. A container garden is exactly what is sounds like - a garden made up of plants potted in containers rather than sown into the ground.

Container gardens are very versatile because you can use a variety of containers to match the space you have to work with. By planting in containers, you can incorporate a wide variety of plants as well and they will be easier to access and care for than they might be in a large, traditional garden. You also don't have to worry as much about weeding and you won't need any bulky gardening equipment to create and maintain a container garden.

Ideas for DIY Container Gardens

The beauty of a container garden is that all you really need is the containers! With a little bit of creativity, you can make just about any container work for a garden but here are some of our favorite ideas that you should try:
  • Wagon Garden - Not only is this garden planted in a container, but it is portable as well! Simply take a little red wagon, fill it with a few inches of potting soil, then plant your favorite herbs or flowers.
  • Stump Garden - Do you have a stump in your yard that you've been meaning to get rid of? Why go through the hassle when you can just dig out the middle and turn it into a container garden?
  • Wooden Boxes - If you have some old wooden crates or boxes lying around, turn them into rustic containers for your garden. You can also purchase wooden crates at a craft store and paint them.
  • Mosaic Pot - Turn plain plastic planters into works of art by covering them in mosaics - you can even use pieces from a shattered ceramic planter to create your mosaic.
  • Woven Baskets - If you're looking for an inexpensive container, look for woven baskets at your local thrift store then line them with landscaping fabric and turn them into containers for gardening.
  • Bird Bath - Find an old bird bath at your local flea market and turn it into a centerpiece for your container garden.
  • Ceramic Jars - Take an old flour jar and turn it into a container garden or use glass Mason jars for a smaller version that you can keep on the windowsill in your kitchen.
Whether you want to grow fresh herbs or flowers, a container garden is a great option - especially if you have limited space to work with. By using some of the ideas provided above you can turn your outdoor space into a home garden and enjoy it all summer long.

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