Terra cotta pots are inexpensive and they come in a wide variety of sizes. These pots are an excellent option for gardeners on a budget, but they have many other uses as well if you aren't afraid to get creative. Keep reading to learn about some fun and creative uses for terra cotta pots.

Kitchen and Bathroom Ideas

If you have an assortment of small terra cotta pots on hand, you can find plenty of uses for them in the kitchen and bathroom. Here are some ideas to try:
  • Toiletry Holders - Paint an assortment of small terra cotta pots to match and set them out on your bathroom vanity. Fill them with cotton swabs, small hand soaps, cotton balls, and any other small necessities you need to display.
  • Utensil Holders - If you're throwing an informal dinner party, paint some medium-sized terra cotta pots to suit the theme of the party and use them to hold plastic utensils, napkins, and condiments. In addition to holding your utensils, they can also be centerpieces for your table.
  • Herb Garden - If you have some unused space on your windowsill in the kitchen or bathroom, fill some small terra cotta pots with potting soil and sow your favorite herbs. You can also plant perennial flowers if you're looking for a dash of color.
  • Jewelry Holder - If you're tired of losing your jewelry, take the bottoms of some terra cotta pot sets and paint them to match your bathroom décor. Place the pot on the counter and use them to hold rings, earrings, and other small pieces of jewelry.
Home and Garden Ideas

Terra cotta pots are great for outdoor crafts because they do well in the weather and they come in a variety of different sizes. Here are some ideas:
  • S'mores Makers - If you have an assortment of medium-sized terra cotta pots, line them with foil then fill them with charcoal. Light the charcoal and you have an individual-sized fire to use for making s'mores.
  • Pincushion - For very small terra cotta pots, you can fill them with stuffing then tuck a piece of thick canvas fabric into it. Glue a length of measuring tape around the rim for decoration and you're done!
  • Drink Holder - If you're having an outdoor party, use an extra-large terra cotta pot as a way to contain and display your cold drinks. Simply fill the pot with ice then tuck your beverages in to keep cold. Dress it up with a coat of chalkboard paint then write a list of what's inside.
  • Layered Planter - To use your terra cotta pots in a more traditional but still creative way, start with a very large pot as the base. Fill the pot ¾ full then nestle a slightly smaller pot inside. Repeat the process, creating a terra cotta pot tower then plant it with perennials or herbs.
With a little creativity, you can turn boring terra cotta pots into some fun and creative projects. Whether you're looking to save a little money or just want something fun to do with the kids, these ideas are sure to get you going.

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