Money can be a great gift: You know the recipient will use it. But you can be more thoughtful and creative than simply sticking it in a card or stuffing it in a plain envelope. Jazz it up by wrapping it in a more personalized and fun way. How have you given cash as a gift?
Here are a few fun ideas.
money origami


You can slip money into various pages of a book. Use paper clips so it doesn't fall out. Or tape money inside of a magazine or onto each month of a calendar.


Use a cereal box, candy box (M&M Minis tubes are great for holding quarters), juice box, deck of cards, etc., as a fun way to wrap your gift. You can place a box inside a box inside a box to disguise it, or add shredded paper to a shoebox, roll dollar bills and tie them, and put them in the box hidden in the shredded paper. One reader, Paula from Kentucky, shares: "A couple of years ago, I got $100 in fives, pulled all the tissues out of a small, cubed tissue box, taped the fives end to end, rolled them up, stuffed them in the tissue box and taped a tissue to the end of the money roll. I made sure the tissue hung out slightly from the box. I found one of those plain white labels and wrote: 'It SNOT your regular tissue.' Imagine my son's confusion when he opened his beautifully wrapped gift and found a box of tissues! I said, "I'm sure you could just cry, go ahead and grab a tissue." Now, imagine his surprise when he grabs the tissue and out comes money! Last year, I bought a 100 count box of security envelopes, put a $100 bill in one, then put it back into the box with the other envelopes."


Tuck money into items such as gloves, socks, a hat, shoes or slippers.


There are many money origami directions for making money roses, shirts, rings, butterflies, etc. Visit and


Tape money onto bottles of drinks that come in pack carriers. It's hidden from plain sight, but can be seen when lifted from the packaging. Empty bottles such as Starbucks frappuccino bottles and their cardboard carriers can be decorated and filled with candies and small gifts, including money.


Wrap the money around a pen or roll it in your hands, and use a tweezer to place it into a clear glass ornament.


Unroll a roll of toilet paper or paper towels. Print or buy fake money and tape it along with real dollar bills intermittently on a roll of toilet paper or paper towels. Roll it back up and tie a ribbon around it and a bow on top, or wrap it in wrapping paper.


Be creative. Money can be placed into empty containers, such as shampoo bottles, under a candy bar wrapper, in an egg carton (you can reuse plastic Easter eggs) or a picture frame, etc. Another reader, Vail from Washington, shares: "I gave my daughter her birthday money once by going to yard sales and buying every lame CD I could find. I don't think I paid more than about 10 cents for any of them. Then I put a $10 bill inside each CD case. Watching her struggle to find something nice to say about the Dean Martin Christmas album was priceless."

photo by eikosi