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There are days that I think to myself, `` I LOVE my job!``

Today was one of those days. DD9 came to the store with me and we made `creepy crystal spiders` for an upcoming craft show.

They are super easy. You need:

24 or 26 gauge wire
2 10 mm crystal or glass beads
bugle beeds
seed beads.

Cut one 2 inch length of wire and four 4 inch pieces of wire.

Make and eye loop at the end of the 2 inch piece and slide a 10 mm bead onto the wire all the way to the loop.

Lay the other four pieces across the first piec, as close to the bead as possible. Tightly wrap the first piece of wire around the bundle of four pieces. You have formed the body and 8 legs. (The legs will be somewhat loose until they are beaded - don`t worry about this.)

Slide your other 10 mm bead onto the body wire and finish the body off with an eye loop.

Make a pattern on each leg : seed bead, bugle bead, seed, bugle, seed, bugle,seed, bugle, seed. Finish each leg with an eye loop.

once you have beaded all the legs, simply bend them into the shape you want them to be so your spider can stand.

You can also use the loops at the top of the head to hang these as pendants or use smaller beads for earrings.

Hope you have as much fun with these as we did.

(BTW - my 9 year old did one of the purple spiders you see in the pic.)

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Love those spiders - really cute and mahalo for sharing!!
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