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crude oil prices going up so.....

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what will you be doing now to prepare for the increase of gasoline prices?
When gasoline went up to $5 a gallon in my area, I wasn't prepared. Gasoline kept going and going until it was out of control. So, I understand that crude oil is going up. I want to be prepared this time and budget accordingly. I live in a rural area. No public transportation available. I know I won't be making extra trips and making sure the car is maintaned. I could use more advice though.
Any suggestions?
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I had a friend tell me gas prices would be $4 a gallon by Spring. This was before Christmas & I was surprised as I hadn't heard anything about gas prices. Since then there's talk of $5 by 2012. Gas is up around .25 per gallon here over the last month.

My plan is to "stockpile" more grocery & household items as they go on sale. I should be doing this anyway. I'll be avoiding the stores & an extra trips to save gas. Can't imagine I'll buy much of anything if gas hits $4 except necessities.
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