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crude oil prices going up so.....

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what will you be doing now to prepare for the increase of gasoline prices?
When gasoline went up to $5 a gallon in my area, I wasn't prepared. Gasoline kept going and going until it was out of control. So, I understand that crude oil is going up. I want to be prepared this time and budget accordingly. I live in a rural area. No public transportation available. I know I won't be making extra trips and making sure the car is maintaned. I could use more advice though.
Any suggestions?
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I'm already scared of the gas prices now..I can't even imagine paying $5.00 a gallon..All I see is major crime beyond our imagination happeing all around us..Our vehicles are paid for however they both are gas hogs.. We can't afford to buy used or better fuel efficent cars anytime soon....I know one thing and not many will agree with my answer here..but if we endup spending over $500.00 a month on gas just to get back & forth to work alone I WILL file bankrucy sp? husband doesn't want to even hear that word..however when it comes down to paying our cc dept verses food & shelter because of so much money going towards gas I will do what I have to do!
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