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Ore-Bucket Cakes or Cupcakes in an Orange

Number Served:10
Non Food Items Needed:
Mixing Bowl or Gallon size bag

Food Items Needed:
10 oranges
Spice cake mix and required ingredients
Cooking Instructions:
Have each person slice the top off of their orange, leaving about a 2 inch hole in the top.
Save the top as a lid.
Scoop out the pulp of the orange and eat.
Mix the spice cake as directed.
Fill the orange "shell " 1/3 full of cake mix and replace lid.
Wrap in foil and cook in glowing coals for 15 to 20 min or until baked.
Scoop out cake and eat.

Tips-Watch the cake mix that "runs out " of the foil. When it is well browned your cake should be done. Make sure you mark your initials in the foil or have a different fold than everyone else.

Variations: Use a yellow cake mix and add a spoon full of chocolate chips. The chocolate chips melt along the bottom for a "frosting ". Experiment with different cake mixes.

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that sounds so neat. hopefully i remeber that when dd is old enough for girl scouts. much more fun than pineapple upside down cake in a tuna fish can.;)

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that sounds like fun! maybe next time we go camping i can try to remember this one!
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