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~ Daily Affirmation Soaps ~

A little time and a little caring go into each batch of Daily Affirmation
Soaps. Article by Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Arizona Republic - March 14,

Do you ever think about spaces of time that are taken for granted? In our
busy daily routines, there are certain minutes of blankness that pass.
Going through the carwash, chopping lettuce, brushing teeth and washing
hands are just a few of them. Wouldn't it be great to slip in a positive
subliminal message in there somewhere?

Start with a batch of Daily Affirmation Soaps for use in your bathroom
and kitchen. They also work nicely as a cozy housewarming treat or as a
gift for someone who needs cheering up. Begin by collecting motivational
thoughts from favorite authors, or jokes that will force you to smile.

Colored paper, markers, stickers
Laminating sheets
Butter knife
2 pounds of clear glycerin soap, fragrance optional
Plastic pitcher and spoon
Rubbing alcohol
Soap coloring (optional)
Soap mold trays (smooth tops only)
Small spray bottle with rubbing alcohol
Clear plastic wrap

Directions: Create messages by writing or printing them from a computer.
Decorate with markers and/or stickers. Laminate and cut them apart to fit
the molds.

Chop the block of glycerin into 1-inch cubes. Separate the cubes into
piles if you are going to color them (see note). Put a handful of cubes
in the plastic pitcher and melt in microwave according to directions.
Remove pitcher and stir contents until completely liquefied. Pour a
1/4-inch layer into each of the molds. If tiny bubbles appear, spray with
rubbing alcohol.

Next, set a message face-down on the layer. If it falls crookedly, do not
lift or move it or your soap will become cloudy. Melt another batch of
squares to top off the molds. Place the filled mold tray in the freezer
for 30 minutes. Remove and pop soaps out by twisting the tray. Wrap each
bar in clear plastic wrap. Use a colorful sticker on the bottom to seal
the ends.

Note: To color and scent the soap, add desired number of drops to liquid
after removing from microwave and stir. Don't use too dark a color,
because you want to see the messages clearly.
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