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Daily Gratitudes for 1/10/11

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~~~God is in control
~~~so far, so good with the ice/snow/freezing rain----no problems
~~~changed homeowner's insurance and saved $448 a year
~~~the aroma of pork shoulder cooking in my crockpot
~~~both kids safe at home
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~beautiful snow...
~my nice warm home...
~we still have power...
~snow cream...
~my family is all safe at home...
~the sun is shining today!
~weeknight activities this week are much less than last week's
~lots of things to do today!
bright warm sunshine
babes all ok
laundry caught up
~Did not receive any ice/snow that was anticipated for our area
~Co-workers who brought hot chocolate, cobbler, and cupcakes to share with everyone
~Not having to cook dinner tonight
~Supportive friends
~Another day
- Pizza tonight!
- Watched 'Goodfellas' again (what a movie!) with said pizza and the SO.
- Had today off.
- Bought some much, much needed clothes :D.
- Work tomorrow should be pretty good.
Made it home from work safe, the roads were a mess
warm home
warm bed for a nap
family all tucked in safe and sound
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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