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Daily Gratitudes for 11/1/2010

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~having an EF...
~fun day trip yesterday with my DFamily...
~beautiful Autumn leaves...
~the first day of November...
~my creativity...
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~Woke up today
~Family and Friends
~That I have a job
Halloween went well
Our car ins, is paid for another 6 months
All our animals are doing well
God cares enough to challenge us
DH is still working
our prescriptions cost went down
a new month
coffee on the deck in the sunshine
babes all ok
a new gate
plum trees dug out
straw being delivered
indian summer
my mom. and money
Today I am especially grateful for:
*My job (especially since there hasn't been a huge chunk of time between my independent contract work while searching for a full-time job)
*the fact that last week was a great week!
*a boyfriend who is open to doing a monthly budget with me
*maintaining long-distance friendships
- Having brilliant friends.
- Delicious chilli :hungry:
- Being able to sort out a kerfuffle and mix-up in work.
- Being visited by a little kitten that graced us with her presence for a little while :)
Loving husband
My big pink fleece PJ ( which loving husband does NOT like :) )
Crisp autumn day
Mac and cheese!
All birthday presents bought now can start on Christmas
middle daughter may not be moving as far away as first thought
Family and friends
cc bill is looking so much better.
~~~God is in control
~~~made it through Monday
~~~warm jammies, warm socks, and warm bed
~~~my sweet furbabies
~~~being able to help a friend
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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