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Daily Gratitudes for 2/8/2011

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~able to do a favor for DD20...
~our security alarm...
~DH comes home tomorrow...
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The furnace!
Dh and the boys!
Friends and family!
A job that sends me all over the country
My iPhone
Vienna Roast coffee in the heart of TN
-our kids are healthy-
-heavenly sunshine-
-peace and quiet-
-my wonderful DH-
-No worries because HE holds all of my tomorrows-

the snowblower
warm coat, hat and gloves
babes all ok
grace and blessings
all the resources we have in this great country
- My SO letting me know when he's unhappy or stressed.
- Work tomorrow. :)
- As always: X-Files :abduct:
- Banana cookies.
- My life, generally.
- Summer holiday plans :yippee:
The sunshine today
call from my daughter
able to sleep late today
~~~God is in control
~~~feeling better and getting back to work
~~~co-workers and students who missed me yesterday
~~~NCIS comes on tonight
~~~meeting was cancelled at work
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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