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Day 2 of crock pot cooking

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I'm at it again. I love my crock pot and I used to love helping my mom cook in her crock pot when I was younger. Today's dinner is chili. I make a very basic, very plain chili how my mom made/makes it. My BF has actually never had chili before and claims he doesnt like beans. I guess after last night's amazing compliments he'll try anything I make. My family typically had chili over mashed potatoes (instant or homemade) but I think we'll have it alone or on top of brown rice. We also began shopping at Aldi's. I'm really liking that store. We haven't bought much, we're slowing trying new things but so far so good. We both agree that their version of Doritos is superior to actual Doritos. Ok so below is my chili recipe. I know a lot of people don't add beans, or drain their beans, or add diced/whole tomatoes and other veggies to theirs but I guess I'm just different.

Chili - My way!

1 lb ground beef
2 cans red kidney beans (probly only draining one)
2 cans tomato sauce (maybe 1 can, I haven't decided) - Only had one can of sauce so I used 2 cans of paste and thinned it out.
1 small can tomato paste
1 packet McCormick Chili seasoning mix

First I brown the beef and drain it. I add the beef, beans, tomato sauce and tomato paste to the crock pot and turn on low. Let it cook for about 2 hours then add Chili seasoning mix. Continue cooking for another 1-2 hours depending on how it looks and how long I think it needs.
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I love my crockpot too. And now I'm in the mood for chili over rice or a baked potato. :lip:

You can make your own chili seasoning mix too vs. buying it. Less expensive and probably better for you w/o all those preservatives. I've made my own fajita seasoning mix, but I haven't tried chili. I just add chili powder and cayenne pepper or use the spice mix (in a jar) that I can get for $0.89 for about a 12 oz bottle.:)
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