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So far this cycle we have used 120 kwh, if this pattern of useage continues for the remainder of the cycle we will have used 1240 kwh, a far cry from last month which was 2710 (serious cold snap)

DH has now been shown just how much electricity his space heater in the garage uses and he has not been running it much at all. Would get him a new one however the stores have not restocked the shelves yet (all heaters and electric blankets sold out durring the 10 day cold snap we had)

So far today I have washed 1 load of laundry, have it hanging to dry. Will be going to buy another indoor drying rack today.

Cell phone charger power strip is off, TV & Sterio equipment strip is off, microwave strip is off. Only 1 light is on in the house. Thermostat is set to 65, which is cooler than our outside temp. If it doesn't rain too much I will probably be opening the windows later.

Daily readings this cycle:
Begining Reading - 8303
Day 1 - 1/22 - 8306 - 30kwh used
Day 2 - 1/23 - 8309 - 30kwh used
Day 3 - 1/24 - 8315 - 60kwh used
Total Used This Cycle - 120kwh
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