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So I decided to give the garden another shot yesterday, digging out the rest of the front border area and putting the finishing touches on the entire garden.

I went out at about 10am to start work because my allergies would have had a field day with me (I know, bad pun.) I took my garden border, measured the necessary width and then proceeded to dig up the grass to extend the garden outwards. It took me about half an hour, but I got it all dug out. I even found this huge rock in the dirt that I had to remove!

I then spent another two hours raking the dirt that I had dug up and getting rid of the large clumps. The clumps had dried dirt, roots and grass blades in them. I would then shovel the raked dirt to the side and continue raking. Finally at about 2pm, I was done! I put the border in, seated the rain barrel where it would be and then cleaned up.

Here's the pictures of yesterday's labor of love:
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