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DD Filing Charges Against Her Boss

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This is a bit of a long story.....dd has been working for the same company for nearly 2 years. During this time, her boss has become abusive toward her. Her boss first started acting very possessive of her -trying to act as if she were her mother....trying to get into her personal business & becoming verbally abusive...dd distanced herself as much as she could from this person. B/c she had to deal with her boss,she just went to work, did what she was suppose to - only talking to her boss about work-related topics. Well....last week dd's boss physically abused her. 2 times she grabbed dd's arms & dug her nails into her where she left bruises...the third time she punched dd in the arm & said "she was just playing" WTF??:furious: Dd told her to stop b/c she didn't appreciate it & the boss just laughed about it. There are also times where the boss would grab dd by the hips "to move her out of the way"...also making dd feel uncomfortable. This woman is absolutely insane!:furious: Dd was afraid to say anything b/c she really needs this job -she's trying to save up for college. Anyway, a co-worker & friend had witnessed the abuse & reported it to the mall security.....they took dd's statement & took pictures of the marks on her arms...then all of the info was sent to the police department. Dd went down to talk to the detective & now charges are being filed against dd's boss.
fast forward to today....the co worker that made the report is now being accused by the boss of stealing....& there is not a shred of truth to it...dd is afraid that she's going to pressure her & the co worker into quitting or she'll try to make up something to fire them in retaliation. If the boss does this, I think that dd & her friend could probably sue her.(the boss is the owner of the store).
I think that dd did the right thing...but at the same time, she is afraid of the retaliation that might result from this...& jobs are hard to find here.Please pray for her.
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Have your DD talk to the police about whistleblower protection. I don't know what the laws are in your state, but most states have some sort of protection for people who bring illegal practices to the notice of authorities. If nothing else, they might end up charging the woman with intimidating a witness. She sounds like a bully, and most bullies back down when they realize they can't intimidate people into submission.
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