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I watched this last night, it is taped in Montreal Canada. I will pick up my french in no time lol.

Anyhow I found it fascinating! The amount of money on the board goes up to $500,000 opposed to $1,000,000. They have male models on the back row and the rest of the models are female. The host is a woman.

I watched a man play last night and he ended up winning $72,000. I watched with great interest as he and the host drank wine from a glass as he picked his numbers while the 3 friends who are on the side to help him decide whether to take the deal or not were there as well. One was his wife, sipping also on a glass of wine while telling her husband to take the deal.....which he did at that time.

The second contestant was a young man who finished the show, he walked away with $32,000 and then a Comedian came out and offered him a job which airs on t.v as a comedian....I think it is just for laughs? out of Montreal.

I just couldn't believe how differently and personally more laid back then Howies Deal or no Deal. Don't get me wrong, I love Howies Deal or no Deal but this Candian French Version one really blew my mind LOL!
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