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Good afternoon! I have my entire Dean Koontz collection for sale today. Here are the titles that I have:

False Memory
Odd Thomas
Brother Odd
The Face
From the Corner of His Eye
One Door Away From Heaven
By the Light of the Moon

Hardcover (book club editions)
Night Chills
The Eyes of Darkness
Tick Tock
The Mask
Seize the Night
Fear Nothing
Sole Survivor


I'd be willing to sell the entire collection for $20, plus the cost of media mail shipping. Or, I'm selling the individual books for $1.50 each. Cash/check/money order only. No paypal. Please e-mail or pm if interested. Thanks!

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Have you heard of It's a huge bookstore in the Portland, OR area. You can sell them your books online and print out a shipping label. They pay postage and they give you store credit that you can use online to get new books. The great thing is that they tell you right away if they want your books and how much they'll give you. Then you can decide if you want to accept the offer. Good Luck!
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