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Here is the sign up for the December coupon swap if you are interested. Please note that each member who takes part must have a minimum of 25 posts. Also, if you don’t keep your commitment once you have signed up for the coupon swap, then you will not be allowed to take part in future swaps until your commitment has been met. We want the swaps to be fun for everyone involved and for everyone to send and receive her swap.

We will be swapping an envelope of coupons (at least 25 coupons). If you have rebate forms and would like to include a few with your swap, that would be fine. I know some people have a lot of forms and some people don't have any access to forms, so forms are optional.

Also, please don't include internet coupons that you have printed from your computer unless your swap partner specifically asks for them as a lot of stores will not accept internet coupons.

As for expiration dates, let's try to send coupons with expiration dates of 30 days out or later. For example, December swap coupons should have an expiration date at the end of January or later. (If you have a really good coupon that you know your partner could use right away with a shorter expiration date, that would be an exception.) But, for the majority of coupons, let's aim for the 30 days. That will give us plenty of time to be able to use the coupons once we receive them.

When you sign up, please include info, such as if you have stores that double or triple. Also, provide a short list of specific items you may be looking for and anything you may not be able to use, (such as no pet, no baby). This will give your swap partner some ideas of what to send you. Remember as well that there are no guarantees that you will receive items from your wishlist as your partner may not have any coupons from your list to send to you.

Please sign up to this thread if interested. I'll keep sign up open until Friday, December 8th.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Count me in!

Stores double up to 99 cents.

Always need:

Tidy Cats multiple cats litter
Cat Food (Fancy Feast Dry and KitnKaboodle)
Tuna (especially pouches)
Smucker's and Jif peanut butter
Frozen Vegetables
Bagged salads
Boca and Morningstar Farms products
Amy's Kitchen (frozen only)
Dannon yogurt (large cartons)
Spaghetti sauce (any)
Pasta (any)
Canned tomato products (any)
Bridgeford frozen dough products (any)
Pilgrim's Pride poultry products (any)
Fast Fixin's (any)
Near East Cous-Cous (any)
Dawn Dish detergent
Northern TP
Natural Instincts Haircolor

No dogs or kids in household. No junkfood. (cause money's tight and so are my pants!) No hairstyling products used.

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Had fun last month! Count me in again!

I don't have pets. Stores don't double around here.

Suave hair and body products
Red Baron pizza
premium ice cream
Hunt's pudding
Act II popcorn
Kraft or Velveeta mac n cheese
Kashi cereal
Rosarita refried beans
tortilla chips
Pepsi products
Revlon Frost and Glow haircolor
Zatarains rice mixes

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I'd like to try the coupon swap. My stores do not double coupons. :(
Not really picky.

Just a few that pique my interest:

Any brand of soda (Coke, Pepsi, 7-up)
Peanut butter
Pizza rolls/snacks
Chips and snack foods (any)
Candy (Hershey's kisses, candy bars, etc)
Zataran rice mixes
Chef Boyardee canned pastas
Hot cereals (ie. Cocoa Wheat, Malto-Meal or Maypo only)
Cat food and litter (any brand)

VO5 or Suave shampoo or conditioner
White Rain or Suave body wash
Queen Helene cocoa butter lotion
Axe deodorant / bodywash
Crest toothpaste
Baby wipes

Dawn dishwashing liquid
Cascade dishwasher liquid
Spic and Span
Folger's coffee
Paper towels
Toilet tissue
All or Purex laundry liquid laundry detergent

NOT interested in:
Baby formula, food or diapers
Condiments (ie. ketchup, mustard) -- I buy mine at Aldi's or Save-A-Lot
Cold breakfast cereals -- again I buy mine at Aldi's or Save-A-Lot

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Store does not double coupons
Store does accept coupons 6 months past expiration date.
I can only use manufacturer's coupons.

No kids. Have cats and dog.

Interested in:
Pedigree Jumbones
Friskies dry cat food
Fresh Step cat litter

Mitchum deodorant
Any soap bars
Any Shampoo
Charmin toilet paper and Freshwipes
Brawny paper towels

Canned veggies
Cold breakfast cereal

If you have any expired coupons, you can place them in the envelope and I can pass them along to other military families here.

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:bump: Last call for coupon swap participants. I'll post the swap partners list tomorrow or Sunday depending on when I can get a few minutes to get on the computer. :)

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I just realized that I hadn't signed up yet for the swap, so anyways, I'm in again. I can use a variety of coupons, but I don't need any diaper coupons or hair color coupons. Some items I can always use coupons for:

Suave products
Snausages dog treats
Purina Dog Chow
Johnson's baby products
Progresso soup
Cottonelle toilet paper
Scott wipes
Nature's Valley Granola Bars

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Ok, the swap list as is follows:

sends to
sends to
sends to
sends to
sends to

Please pm your swap partner to get her address. Also, please remember swaps need to be in the mail before December 32. If I have forgotten anyone or if anyone has any questions, please feel free to let me know. Thanks!

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Just a reminder that swaps need to be in the mail by tomorrow. Thanks to all for participating!
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