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Of course we all have dried apples for the kids and used them in our recipes.. but this recipe is just too cute to not share it with others. I found this in a homesteading group and was written by 'themamahen' I hope you find is useful.

> dehydrated apples for kids :)
>I am typing this with purple hands

>It occured to me today while I was cutting apples for my dehydrator that if >TSHTF what a change and depressing thing it COULD be for my child and >many others, Sooo this got me to thinking what I could do to put a weeee >smile on her face if it did happen.

>Recipe for dehydrated apples for kids:

>Use Rubber gloves (trust me on this) Neon food coloring stains your hands!!

>Peel and slice apples as usual for your dehydrator.

>Place slices in 1 Qt Cold water with 2tsp salt and dash of vingar. (this works >better than fruit fresh)

>Add to the water about 10-12 drops of favorite food coloring stir. as you peel >your apples put them in the water. after a min or two the apples will soak up >the coloring.

>place on trays (rubber gloves are good here) and sprinkle with cinnamon and >sugar mixture.

>these are wonderful.



>purple hands (and tommorow they will be BLUE)
(the mamahen)

I gave this recipe some thought and came up with other ideas to use dyed apples...

what a fun thing! colored apple ring necklace! LOL! oh and this is for my 20 year old daughter! she would LOVE LOVE it!

my grandsons would get tickled with them! what a great idea for gifts too. I would make rings and cut into bite size pieces and put on my desk.. if I still worked.. maybe I will do this for my husband's secretary.

oh red and green for Christmas.. neon for Easter.. red, natural and blue for 4th of July.

What fun! thank you so much for posting this.

I will be making these and mailing them off to my grandchildren! I wonder if I can add... those fun glittery sprinkles instead of sugar???? LOL!

oh camo apples? tie dye apples? oh now I know I have lost it.


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I was just contemplating making some apples for my kids. This is a GREAT idea. Thanks!
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