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I have been wanting one for a long time, never tried this before. What does everyone think of them? I remember reading somewhere before that the "home made" stuff is better then bought dehydrated foods...what does everyone think?

How much do they normally cost to purchase?

Any other info you can give me would be appreciated.
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There are tons of dehydrators out there. It depends on how much "stuff" you will be dehydrating, how much you can afford, etc. I dehydrate a lot of stuff. I bought a used Excalibur nine tray dehydrator (paid about 1/2 price) on Craigslist a couple of years ago.
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Here is an article from Mother Earth News that I posted some time ago on a dehydrator discussion thread. I will look for the thread and post it here if I find it.

Choosing a Food Dehydrator
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We seldom use the dining room table. SO that is where you will find mine most of the time. When I dehydrate onions, it goes to the table on the back porch.

I just ordered my Excalibur this morning. It came with a list of free stuff and shipping was free. :) Now to find a place for it sit while I use it!
Had to run an extension cord to mine.

FYI - There is NOTHING that smells better than strawberries drying!

That's probably where it will end up unless I can fit it on our baker's rack (closer to the electricity).
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