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Dental Pain after Filling

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I had a filling done Friday morning - I had not experienced any pain except for a few days, weeks ago - after some tootsie rolls. I've been in excruciating pain all weekend. I've taken aleve, ibuprofen, Abesol 4x a day, and have found some vicoden from surgery last fall that I've been cutting in half and taking. I can't seem to sleep, food not all that appealing to me, little sensitive to cold, no rubbing on other teeth. Nothing really seems to help - any thoughts?
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I'd call your dentist, sorry it's a holiday weekend. Don't know how your dentist is but mine would try to see me asap (saw hubby on a holiday once) nobody should be kept in pain like that. Hope you feel better soon. :smted:
Thursday Morning?! I'd be shopping for a new dentist. With you in pain like that I think the least your dentist can do is come in early, stay later or something. Maybe I just have an extra nice dentist ... Hope you get some relief soon.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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